Sunday, December 4, 2011

Learning The Green Openspaces Management from Singapore

Oftenly we heard, that world development focussed on sustainable development with environmentally vision. Sustainable development of a city , nowdays well - known as eco city where city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air and water pollution.

One concept that support the goal  is to hold Green Openspaces movement proportionally. Definitivelly the concept of Green   Openspaces is a region or area of the land that dominated by plants which built for specific function as habitat protection in a city, the network infrastructure, safeguards and agricultural cultivation in addition to improve the quality of the atmosphere, water and land to support sustainability of development. Green Openspaces in the midst of the urban ecosystem also serves to improve the quality of city landscape.

A number of acreage in urban areas in recent decades, where public spaces have been eliminated due to building developments which are likely to be pattern as container ( container development) which development entirelly  accomodate a wide range of socioeconomic activity such as Malls, Offices, Hotels etc that potentially creating a gap between different walks of life. Only certain people on middle class category supported by those places.

The ideal Green Openspaces is about 30% of the total area. But unfortunately most of large cities in Indonesia only reached 10% of city area. In fact Green Openspaces necessary for health, child's play ground, sport area and public communication.  The design has to be fit with national standard or existing standards.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Story of Orang Utans ( A Summary)

Maybe for some people, the article I write this time is not so attractive than what I did before.  But in the proccess of writing it, I feel some different things that I meet from my previous note.  It because  this article reflect the love and admiration from my deepest heart. Yeah.... a love and devotion from a mother to her daughter. Where I try to answer the questions of interest and curiosity of  the life of orangutans and their ecosystem from a little girl aged seven years old who almost everyday asked me for this matter. She is only seven years old, but her heart has been touched by the love and passion to learn more about orangutans. As her mother, I can feel the enthusiasm  that reflect from her face everytime we make a discussion about this primates.

Frankly, I never know any information about this mammals further. But because of her, I strive hardly to find the answer to all questions that oftenly comes from her tiny mouth and for the enthusiasme that shine along her face. It finally encourage me to make this article from a summary of the various information I already noted and some discussion with a friend who involve to orangutans conservation works. May this article will help people who needs the same information.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rain Harvesting, A Strategy for Water Saving

Hydrology Cycle

Indonesia is a tropical country that has only two seasons climate, making it very dependent on the monsoon as a source of water to run the activities of its inhabitants. As a predominantly agricultural country, livelihoods as farmers, the idea of using rain harvesting strategy strongly supports such circumstances.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Build The Indonesian Future with Good Sanitation

Ones that made Indonesia famous in the eyes of the world is a about sanitary system. It might seem a bit cynical because of the popularity is well-known in how bad sanitary conditions in Indonesia. The world record that Indonesia remains in ranked fifth worst sanitation worldwide. What a poor portrait of Indonesia's sanitation is.

Water supply and sanitation in Indonesia is characterized by poor levels of access and service quality. Over 100 million people in Indonesia lack access to safe water and more than 70 percent of the country’s 220 million population relies on water obtained from potentially contaminated sources. With only 2% access to sewerage in urban areas is one of the lowest in the world among middle-income countries. Pollution is widespread on Bali and Java. Women in Jakarta report spending US$ 11 per month on boiling water, implying a significant burden for the poor.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keep Your Hands Writing

Great authors usually try to vent the expression to be able to find its distinctive strengths. Himself willing to compromise on a common standard the world of writing, considering the interest of readers to produce work that is clear, explorative, and strong.
( Anwar Holid, from books "Keep Your Hand Moving")

Have you ever felt that seemed your hands don't want to stop writing? When the ideas comes across your head, seem it doesn't want to be stopped. It flow like a river. But sometimes it locked when you need the open mind to spread out the ideas. That is what mostly writters do. When desire of writing come, you can not handle it, can not stop it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Gift Named Nasywa Khoirunnisa

Hari ini, saat pagi meretas menyambut datangnya hari
Tak pernah henti syukur itu tertutur dari mulutku
Seolah esok tak pernah ada hari lainnya menghampiri

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Angel of The Heart

You offer me wings, when mine is broken
You give me hands , when others is hidding theirs
You give me  sweetest smile, when others are angry
You give me hug, when others ignore me
You show me the rainbow over my head,
You show me the beauty that I never know before
In every step you make, you oftenly amaze me
You  sing the most melodious song for me
Remind me how beautiful my life is

You give me beliefs that I can do anything as long as you are around
You never asked me the love that I would give to you
You never expect that I have to understand your sincere smile and heart

You just enter my heart when I need it
You know when the right time to touch my deepest soul
You give me protection wheter I am right or wrong
Trough your little finger that likes touch my hair, my nose, and my cheek
My tears are falling... How means to me ur touching is
If all words in this words are exist
I believe it never substitute to the greatest love you present me 
I do belive that I am one of the lucky person in the world
That I have you in my life, the powerfull strenght for me to stand
Voices the honesty at the right time
Be your proudness

The last but not least,
I am so thankful to God , That make me the choosen one
To let me live with you, and raise you up
And grows as the blossoms in spring time
I always proud  saying this to the world...
That I am proud being your mom....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Me, Chocolate and Its History

I am one of big fan of chocolate. My laddict tochocolate began when I had severe peptic ulcer while in junior high school ended. When doctors recommend to bring chocolate in  bags and serves as a practical and useful alternative for meals, except biscuits. and lately chocolate  proved be able to help me to maintain this attack when i have to meet irregular eating patern.

This time I wanna share about chocolate and a little information about it. Chocolate name for food that is processed from cocoa beans. Chocolate is usually given as a gift or gifts for the holidays. With form, style and unique taste, chocolate is often used as an expression of gratitude, affection or attention or Even love.

Chocolate also has been one of the most popular flavor in the world, and chocolate bars are most commonly eaten, chocolate is also a subject of hot and cold drinks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gedung Sate, The Mark of Kota Bandung

The experience I got from often time visit Bandung had already admire me to write about Gedung Sate in my blog. Often times I pass the Diponegoro Street , Bandung I was so wonder about the glorious of this building. Very firmly stands along the ages but still keep its architechture.

Gedung Webside, with his trademark form the ornament on a central tower, jacks long marker or benchmark Bandung, which is not only available to the public in West Java, but also throughout Indonesia and even model was used as a signal to several buildings and urban characters in West Java. For example, building forms the Tasikmalaya train station. Built in 1920, the White House was still strong but graceful and now serves as the central building of the Government of West Java.

Gedung Sate, which in the Netherlands Indies called Gouvernements Bedrijven (GB), laying the first stone by Johanna Catherina Coops, eldest daughter of the mayor of Bandung, B. Coops and Petronella Roelofsen, representing the Governor-General in Batavia, JP Graaf van Limburg Stirum on July 27, 1920, is the result of a planning team consisting of Ir.J.Gerber, famous young architect graduate from the Faculty of Engineering Nederland Delft, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks and van Gemeente Bandoeng party, led by Col.. Ret. VL. Slors by involving 2000 workers, 150 people including sculptors, or a tombstone carver bongpay experts and wood carver of Chinese nationality who came from Konghu or Cantonese, assisted by masons, coolies stir and servers that come from residents Sekeloa Kampung, Kampung small hole Dago, Gandok and  Cibarengkok village, which they had previously worked in shingles Gedong (Kampus ITB) and flat Gedong (Bandung City Hall). 

During the period of 4 years in September 1924 it successfully completed the construction of the main building parents gouvernments Bedrijven, including the headquarters of the key PTT (post, telephones and telegraphs and library.)

State Gedung architecture is designed by the architect go. J. Gerber and his group are not independent of the master Dr.Hendrik entry Dutch architect Petrus Berlage, facing the Islands traditional architecture bernuansakan.

Many architects and building experts expressed Gedung Sate is a stunning elegant monumental buildings with unique architectural style which leads to the form of Indo-European architectural style, (Indo Europeeschen architectuur Stijl), so it is not impossible if the Borobudur Temple also add to the elegance of Gedung Sate.

Some opinions about big Sate Building including Cor Pashier and Jan Wittenberg two Dutch architect, who said "style of architecture is a style of architect Gedung Sate experimental results that lead to forms of Indo-European architectural style."

Some opinions on building a large SateIr. HPBerlage, during a visit to Gedung Sate, April 1923 stated, "Gedung Sate is a great architectural masterpiece, which managed to combine eastern and western styles in harmony". As with any style of Italian architecture in renaiscance mainly in the west wing building. While story tower in the middle of the building or Meru as pagoda roof. There is another opinion that says a lot of architects Indonesia Slamet Wirasonjaya grandeur as Gedung Sate, and Ir. Harnyoto Kunto. including Cor Pashier and Jan Wittenberg two Dutch architect, who said "Gedung Sate architectural style is a style of experimental results that lead architect on the form of Indo-European architectural style."

Ir. HPBerlage, during a visit to Gedung Sate, April 1923 stated, "Gedung Sate is a great architectural masterpiece, which managed to combine eastern and western styles in harmony". As with any style of Italian architecture in renaiscance mainly in the west wing building. While story tower in the middle of the building or Meru as pagoda roof. There is another opinion that says a lot of architects Indonesia Slamet Wirasonjaya grandeur as Gedung Sate, and Ir. Harnyoto Kunto.

Gedung Sate stands strong and up to now, can not be separated from materials and construction techniques used. Gedung Sate wall made of large stone pieces (1 × 1 × 2 m) taken from the hills surrounding rocks in the East and Mount Arcamanik Bandung Manglayang. Gedung Sate building construction using conventional professional manner with due regard to technical standards.

Gerber itself combines multiple streams of architecture into the design. For windows, Gerber takes the theme of Moorish Spain, while for buildings dalah Italian Renaissance. Especially for the tower, Gerber entered the flow of Asia, namely style roof Balinese temple or pagoda in Thailand. At its peak there is a "skewer" with 6 fruit skewers ornaments (other versions say pink water or jasmine), which represents 6 million guilders - the amount of fees that are used to build Gedung Sate.

Facade (front side) Gedung Sate very calculated. By following the north-south axis axis (which is also applied in Pakuan Building, which overlooks Mount Malabar in the south), Gedung Sate is not deliberately built facing Mount Tangkuban Perahu in the north.

In the course initially provided to the Department of Traffic and Public Works, even become the center of the Dutch East Indies after Batavia will not qualify as a center of government since its development, which is used by the Public Works Department. Dated December 3, 1945 there was an incident which claimed the lives of seven young men who defend Gedung Sate of Gurkha troops attack. To commemorate the seven young men, made stone monument that is placed behind the Sate House lawn. By order of the Minister of Public Works on December 3, 1970 The monument was moved to the front page of Gedung Sate.

State building since 1980, known as the Office of the Governor, because as the Centre of West Java provincial government, which previously held the Office of West Java province Mukti Kerta-Jalan Braga Bandung.

Governor workspace on the second floor along with workspace Vice Governor, Provincial Secretary, Assistant and the Bureau. Currently, the Governor is assisted by three Deputy Governor in charge of Administration, Economics and Development, and Social Welfare, a Regional Assistant Secretary and Assistant Four namely public administration, Administrative Assistant for Development, Social Welfare Assistant and Administrative Assistant.

But not all Governour's Assistant works at Gedung State. Welfare Social Assistant and administrative assistant with the staff occupied the new building.

In the East and West, there are two big rooms, which are reminiscent of the Ballroom (the Ballroom), that is often found in the building of the European Community. This number is often known as the West and East Hall rooms, often used in official business. In the second round of this room, rooms, which are located some of Bureau staff.

Perfection comes with these large State new building construction that took a bit of style architecture, but stylish work Gedung architect State contextual Ir.Sudibyo built in 1977 dedicated area Presidents and members of the Legislative Assembly of the province of West Java in the performance of their duties and obligations as the legislature.

Gedung Sate has become one of the attractions in the city of Bandung. Especially many of them strangers who accidentally visited because it has an emotional relationship and history in this building. Linking emotion and history will probably feel more complete if you climb a ladder at one time available for the tower Gedung Sate. There are 6 steps that must be passed by each of 10 steps that must be climbed.

The beauty of Gedung Sate is equipped with its surrounding gardens are well maintained, do not be surprised if the demand by city public park and tourists, both domestic and foreign. The beauty of this park is often used as a location bernuansakan family activities, music video filming locations both local artists and national artists, the location of family photos or photos of yourself and even photograph the bridal couple.

Especially on Sundays environment Sate House lawn into an option where the majority of the people to relax, just sit around enjoying the fresh air or light exercise Bandung. Comparing Gedung Sate with central government buildings (Parliament building) in many capitals does not seem excessive. This equation is all built in the middle of a green complex with a magnificent central tower. Especially in terms of location of buildings and landscapes are relatively similar to sate the White House in Washington, DC, USA. It can be said Gedung Sate is the "White House" of the city.

It is open for public or groups out of office hours. You also can meet the Governour and the Vice Governour for the tourist visit, as long as they have free time they will openly welcome you. So don't hesitate to come and visit it, and meet the history of Kota Bandung inside.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The History of Chinesse New Year Celebration

Chinesse New Year in Hokkien means calendar month (lunar) or yinli in mandarin language. Lunar New Year in China is better known as Chunjie or celebration of spring, whose activities are often referred to as the activity of Guo Nian, "enters the new year ', which in Indonesia is better known as Konyen. In Indonesia, Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year as a celebration of the birth Kong Hu Chu, who was born in the year 551 BC (BCE) So, distinction with the lunar calendar Lunar year AD 551.  The Lunar New Year celebration begins the first day of the first month (Chinese: 政月, pinyin: Zheng Yue) in Chinese callender and ends with Cap go Meh 十五 冥 元宵节 in date 15 (at the time of full moon).
History of the Lunar calendar starting with , the proponent  is Huang Di or Yellow Emperor who ruled (2698-2598 BC), he i, n addition to the High King was also a Prophet and is now known as Mr. Science, because most of his time creating new inventions and world civilization started in those days.

Huang Di dating system works, and later adopted by the founder of the Xia Dynasty (2205-2197 BC) by Emperor called Da Yu, who also is one of the Prophet in the religion of Confucius, but when the office falls replaced Xia Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 BC),  the calender system in  Shang Shang Dynasty replaced by a system of dating. When the Shang Dynasty collapsed and was replaced by the Zhou Dynasty (1122-475 BC) dating system was also replaced by Zhou dating system. Since the Zhou Dynasty fell, and a time of war lasted about 254 years. 

After that just starting the Qin Dynasty (221-207 BC) by Emperor Qin Shi Huang and penanggalannya system named changed again. So it can be said  that in mainland China previously used 4 kinds of systems dating to the Qin Dynasty Xia Dynasty.
Chine people believe that Confucius who lived during the year (551-479 BC), lived in the Zhou Dynasty (1122-475 BC). At that time he saw the majority of the population live from agriculture, the Xia Dynasty, dating system is the best and most suitable, since the beginning of new year falls in early spring, so it can be used as guidance in agriculture.

 Confucious suggested The State to return using calendar, Xia dynasty, however, wise counsel was ignored by the Government at that time. So the Prophet told the Holy Word XV: 11 rings. Xia dynasty " Be dating. " and the word was distributed by his disciples.
After the end of the Qin Dynasty, stand the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) by Emperor Han Wu Di (140-86 BC), exactly the year 104 BC, Xia calendar system was inaugurated as the calendar of State and remains in use today. To respect the Prophet Confucius, the determination of the calculation of his first year since the birth of Confucius and Confucianism was calculated defined as a state religion .

Legend of Fireworks, Barongsai and Lentern in Lunar Celebration
Chinesse Lentern
According to legend, long ago, Nian (年) is a man-eating giant from the mountains (or in many other stories, from beneath the sea), which appears in late winter to eat crops, livestock and even villages. To protect themselves they see themselves, the people put food on their doorstep early in the year. 

It is believed that the Nian will eat food that has been prepared and they will not attack people or stealing livestock and crops. At one time, residents noticed that Nian fled in fear after meeting with small children dressed in red. Residents then believing that Nian was afraid would be the color red, so that every time a new year is coming, the villagers will hang red lanterns and scrolls Kerta in windows and doors. They also use fireworks to scare Nian. Nian habit then grows into the New Year celebration.

Guo Nian (Traditional Hanzi: 过年; Chinese: 过年), which means "welcome the new year", which literally means "drive out Nian". [1] [2] Since then, Nian never returned to the village. Nian was eventually arrested by 鸿钧 老祖 or 鸿钧 天尊 Laozu Hongjun, a Taoist priest and then became the vehicle Honjun Laozu Nian.Therefore, everyone should be able to resist bad weather, with a prayer and put the antidote in the form of red cloth, put fireworks and red dress.
Ready for Barongsai Attraction
Barongsai in Action
Keranjang Cake

Other property during the Chinesse New Year Celebration beside Fireworks and Lenterns is Keranjang Cake or Dodol Tutun (in Indonesia).  Keranjang Cake alias lunkhead China became one of the menu should be available during the celebration of the Lunar New Year arrives. And, it turns out, sweet food made of glutinous rice flour and white sugar yet another meaning of the sublime. This cake called Nian Gao also got a basket-shaped container printing. Keranjang Cake began to be used as offerings to ancestor worship ceremony, six days before the Lunar New Year (Sie Jie Siang Ang), and peak at night Chinese New Year. As an offering, this cake is usually not eaten until Cap Go Meh (15th night after the Lunar New Year) arrived.
Keranjang Cake

Keranjang Cake

Keranjang Cake
The word Nian means "year" and Gao means "cake" which also means "high". Because of that cake baskets are often composed of high or rising. More to the decrease in the composition of this cake. Significant improvement in fortune or prosperity. In ancient times, a cake basket or higher indicates a lot of family welfare homeowners. Usually this cake are prepared to top with red bowl cake on top. It is a symbol of life sweet an increasingly uphill and blossom like a cup cake.
Trusted for this cake was originally conceived as a dish to please the gods furnace fun to bring the report to the King of heaven, Yu Huang Da Di. Furthermore, the spherical form means that families who celebrate Lunar New year is a continuation of a United, harmonious, and the unanimous determination in the face of the coming year.

In China there is a tendency for the Lunar to eat first before you eat rice cake baskets as one can always hope for good luck in his work throughout the year. In Indonesia alone, many cakes are produced in Bogor and Yogyakarta.
Angpao itself is the Hokkien dialect, its literal meaning is a bundle / red envelopes. Since long, red color symbolizes the goodness and prosperity in Chinese culture. The red color shows the excitement, the spirit that will ultimately bring good fortune. Actually, the tradition of giving angpao itself is not the monopoly of the Chinese New Year, but in any event that symbolizes the joy such as weddings, birthdays, new house entrance and lain2, angpao also be found.

Angpao Envelope

Angpao for Imlek
 Angpao on Chinese New Year has a special term that is "Yes Sui", meaning a gift given to children associated with age / turn of the year. In ancient times, these gifts are usually in the form of candy, candy and snacks. In the future, because of times, parents find it easier to give money and let  children decide what gift they would buy. 

The tradition of giving money as gifts Ya Sui appeared around the time of the Ming and Qing. In the literature on Ya Sui Qian children written that use the money to buy fireworks and sweets. This action also increases the velocity of money circulation and economic development in China at that time.
Angpao usually given an older family member with the young. In older people who are considered well established, it is reasonable to give angpau to their parents who are old. Therefore, angpao symbolizes love, from old to young, from a child who has managed to elderly parents. One more in the tradition of angpauo usually provide angpao compulsory for those who are married.

Chinesse New Year Celebration in Indonesia
In Indonesia, during 1965-1998, a celebration of Chinese new year is celebrated in public areas is prohibited. With the Presidential Decree No. 14 of 1967, the regime of President Suharto's New Order, prohibiting everything that smells like Chinese, including the Chinese new year.

Society of Chinese descent in Indonesia regain its freedom to celebrate Chinese new year in 2000, when President Abdurrahman Wahid repealed Executive Decree No. 14/1967. Then, run it with President Abdurrahman Wahid issued Presidential Decree No. 19/2001 of 9 April 2001, who opened the lunar new year, as additional leave (applies only to those celebrating it). New in 2002 (February 12, 2002), Lunar officially declared a national holiday of President Megawati Soekarno Putri.

Imlek 2011 - Rabbit Gold Glory

Chinese Astrology zodiac recognize 12 species iconya are animals with specific characteristics. This is the year 2011, gold bunny. Rabbit in Chinese mythology (Fengshui) is a symbol of longevity and is said Moon down. Rabbits also symbolizes elegance, decency, good advice, kindness and sensitivity to all forms of beauty. His words were soft, and the graceful but swift movements actually form the type of character needed for a successful diplomat or a skilled politician.
So this year is the year of Rabbit Gold friendly. However, I personally do not believe in things like this. Because in fact, began in Golden Rabbit, the  middle eastern countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and possibly Indonesia are trouble by the problem.

Hopefully this year a lot gives a lot of changes and the glory of Indonesia, people are more advanced and prosperous as well as economic and political conditions are stable. Gong Xi Fa Cai... Good Luck to All Indonesian People...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bau Nyale Festival (The Story Behind Traditional Heritage)

If you ever been gone to Lombok Island, you must know what is Bau Nyale Festival. Nyale is a kind of sea worm (anelida) and only can be found in Southern of Lombok Island (Sekaroh, Awang Bay, Terasak, Belowam , Aan, Seger, Belongas, Mawun, Ebuak and Dundang). Nyale is categorized into kelabang worm for it small dotted feet resembling kelabang creature. But meaning of Bau Nyale in Sasak Language means can be lit. Bau Nyale Festival is a traditional festival that celebrate once in a year  , where every people can joint it looks for Nyale .

People attend to the Festival look for Nyale
Nyale  only exist in February - March at Seger, Kuta Beach, Central Lombok  that is why the festival celebrate during that mounths. The worm sill come up when the moon, wind and tide are comming together. This warm can be eaten, sasaknesse usually collect it and cook it together when Nyale Season is come. worms will come out now from midnight until morning when the sea began to recede. colorful worms and will look like when exposed to light rays bouncing off the moon and worms.

Bau Nyale Festival  are events and traditions of the legendary and has a high sacred value for Sasak tribe, the tribe native to the island of Lombok. The tribe descendents that celebrate this tradition include several village in East and Central Lombok.

Bau Nyale (Catching Nyale)

The existence of the party Nyale smell is closely related to a folklore that developed in the southern part of Central Lombok district, precisely at the community Pujut, a district that covers an area of Central Lombok district. 

Seger Beach, Kec. Pujut, Central Lombok

Among the several places where people cathcing Nyale, Seger Beach is most well known places and flooded by many visitor especially those who are non Sasak (Iqa-Iku) tribe. Seger is located in the eastern part of Kuta bay, a very beautiful bay and an interesting side for recreation. The beautiful view of this beach is an unvaluable miracle for them. As tourist destionation in Central Lombok, Seger Beach not only highly potential for its costal beauty but it also complemented by the traditional ritual festival  like Bau Nyale Festival.

Bau Nyale derived from those people based on the ancient mythology regarding Princess Mandalika. The mythology become the underlying phylosphy of sasak people.According to belief of Sasak People in Central Lombok This Festival is celebrated in the hope to neutralize the two opposing power of Princess Mandalika. In one side this character is believed to bring benevolence, prosperity, safety, fertility, plenty of crop and social compassion. On the other hand , especially when character is mad , she can be detrimenal to the need of local people. These two opposing power could be neutralized and become harmonya with the ritual celebration of Bau Nyale as people believe that nyale is the reincarnation of Princess Mandalika. Bau Nyale lies in the middle between the two oppposing power, therefore, it symbolyze balance and harmony.

Nyale Worm

She is the daughter of a king who ever reigned in the land of Lombok. Her fascinating beauty deeply attrack every viewer. Even many princes who have seen her fall in love with her. This myth is a folk tradition and transmitted orally from generation to generation. Socio-culturally , this myth is perceived not as a mere fiction, but rather as philosophical reality that deeply occupies the sub - conscious of the people and plays as a special role in the socio cultural practice.There are two version of Putri Mandalika myth.

First Version , Putri Mandalika is a daughter of King Raja Tonjeng Beru and the Queen Dewi Seruntung, who Rule the Sekar Kuning Kingdom in Eberu. Her beauty, charm, ability an talent in various profession widely known and fascinated many princes from different kingdom. Too many wedding proposals for Putri Mandalika prompt , the king fully authorized his daughter to select the best choice. The princess faced extreme dilemma. It took long enough time until the princess chose the best for her. Prompted by mysterious guidence , she decided to plunge herself into the sea. This is down with intention to give a fair treatment to all of them who wants her. She really wanted to cut her life despite her wish to live for several more decades to enjoy life that she never experiences. In time, she visited belangon , southern costal area in Terasak, Bumbang, where she wanted to announce her choice. She said that she cant choose a single prince out of many princes for her. She chose to reincarnated as nyale to make all people can enjoy herself. Suddenly, heavy raining, tide up and roaring thunderbolt simultaneously complement the people grieves to rescue the princess. On the stone there is still a form of woman sexual organ that is thought to derive from the body of the princess before plugging hersel down to the sea.

Second Version, the myth narrates about the princes who wants to make love with Putri Mandalika are requested to plunge themselves on the 20th of ten month. In the next year , on the said date , a  massive number of Eberu people go to the sea to prove the princess promise. All they discovered is only a short of a nyale worm back and forth on the air, which is thought as the reincarnation of the princess.The people began to catch the nyale as much as they can. That is the origin of catching nyale that eventually develop as a tradition inherited from generation to generation until now. Lately this tradition is concected to a happy season going to the beach after plating rice or working on the rice field and farm, for teenagers' meeting and taking nyale as delicious food. This second version is the most popular tale until present time well known by the local people.

Catching Nyale has distinctive meaning. In a thankful celebration, after conclusion of catching nyale , all family members go to graveyard with food. The prupose is to visit the spirit of dead relatives and to conduct a ceremonial rendezvous of eating together. Before the ceremony of collective eating , they burn incense and sprinkle a pitcher of water three times over a given burial places from the head to the feet. 

This short story is still remind in my mind. I really interest to the traditional culture in any place in Indonesia, but Lombok is the most interesting for me. I write it to you based on the knowledge I know from visiting Lombok Island.  Hopefully we are conscious and loving Indonesian traditional culture and always intend to continue to pass them on to our descendants in a way that we can afford. And I try to do it by telling to all readers about The Indonesian Culture that I know.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ketegaran Hati

Pendar itu masih teronggok disana
Merah, nanar
Layaknya sebuah luka

Miris.. menggigit di dinginnya malam
Selalu hadir terasa ketika mata ingin terpejam

Kala buaian tak lagi mampu menampung pecahnya isak tangis
Kembali hadir
Di malam-malam sunyi kesendirianku

Selalu ingin kujalani ini
Tanpa penat tak berkesudahan terasa di hati
Tertatih.. menapaki jalan menuju senja hingga nanti

Biarlah nak,
ku tanggungkan beban itu sendiri
Biarlah aku dengan caraku
meski tertatih

Biarlah waktu yang akan mendidiku
Biarlah waktu yang bisa ajariku kebijaksanaan dalam hidup

Hingga saatnya nanti
Ku tau, aku masih punya cukup cinta
yang masih mampu menaungimu
dalam peluh kasih sayangku
kini, esok dan nanti....

Lampung, January 28, 2011

Dedicated to my beloved : Nasywa Khoirunnisa & M Syauqi Hafizh

Aku Tentang Cinta

Jangan kau beri aku cinta mati,
Rindu setengah mati, dan sayang sepenuh hati

Berilah aku cinta, sayang dan rindu dengan cara yang sederhana
Sebagaimana yang kau lihat tampak pada keseharianku

Jangan kau beri aku cinta mati,
Rindu setengah mati, dan sayang sepenuh hati

Tapi berilah aku cinta, rindu dan sayang
yang tulus dari dasar hati
Karena ketulusan selalu akan mampu melampaui pusaran waktu
Tak akan pupus oleh indah dan gemerlapnya dunia

Jangan kau beri aku cinta mati,
Rindu setengah mati, dan sayang sepenuh hati

Berilah aku cinta , rindu dan sayang
yang mampu membawaku kepada kebaikan
Membawaku pada kedewasaan dan kebijaksanaan

Jangan kau beri aku cinta mati,
Rindu setengah mati, dan sayang sepenuh hati

Tapi berilah aku sekedar cinta, rindu dan sayang yang paling bersahaja
Karena itulah aku apa adanya
yang selalu berusaha mencintaimu dalam kebersahajaan
Apa adanya

Itulah caraku mencintaimu
dengan kesederhanaan dan kebersahajaan
karena sesungguhnya itulah yang melekat pada diriku,
 dan hanya dengan caraku  mencintaimu..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aku Bicara Perihal Cinta

Apabila cinta memberi isyarat kepadaku, ikutilah dia
Walau jalannya sukar dan curam
Dan apabila sayapnya memelukmu menyerahlah kepadanya
Walau pedang tersembunyi diantara ujung-ujung sayapnya bisa melukaimu

Dan kalau dia berbicara kepadamu, percayalah kepadanya
Walau suaranya mampu membuyarkan mimpi-mimpimu bagai angin utara 
mengobrak abrik taman
Karena sebagaimana cinta memahkotaimu demikian pula dia akan menyalibmu

Sebagaimana dia ada di pertumbuhanmu
Demikian ia ada untuk memangkasmu

Dia menebah engkau hingga engkau telanjang
Dia mengetam engkau demi membebaskan engkau dari kulit arimu
Dia menggosok gosokkan engkau hingga putih bersih
Dia meremas engkau hingga menjadi liar
Dan dia mengangkat engkau ke api sucinya
Sehingga engkau bisa menjadi roti suci untuk pesta kudus Tuhan

Dan apabila dalam ketakutanmu kau hanya akan mencari kedamaian dan kenikmatan cinta
Maka lebih baiklah bagimu kalau kau tutupi ketelanjanganmu dan menyingkir dari lantai lantai penebah cinta

Memasuki dunia tanpa musim tempat kau dapat tertawa, dan menangis 
tapi tak sehabis semua air matamu

Cinta tak memberikan apa apa kecuali dirinya sendiri dan tiada mengambil apapun kecuali dari dirinya sendiri.

Cinta tiada memiliki, pun tiada ingin dimiliki
Karena cinta telah cukup bagi cinta

Apabila kau mencintai kau tak akan berkata "Tuhan ada di dalam hatiku"
tetapi sebaliknya "aku berada di dalam hati Tuhan"
Apabila dia menilaimu dengan pantas, mengarahkan jalanmu

Cinta tak menginginkan yang lain kecuali memenuhi dirinya 
Namun apabila kau mencintai dan terpaksa memiliki berbagai keinginan
biarlah ia menjadi aneka keinginanmu

Meluluhkan diri dan mengalir bagaikan kali
yang menyanyikan melodinya bagai sang malam

Mengenali penderitaan dan dan kelembutannya yang begitu jauh
Merasa dilukai akibat pemanahanmu sendiri tenung cinta;
Dan meneteskan darah dengan ikhlas dan gembira

Terjaga di kala fajar, dengan hati seringan awan dan mensyukuri hari haru penuh cahaya awan
Istirah di kala siang dan merenungkan kegembiraan cinta yang  meluap luap

Kembali kerumah kala senja dengan rasa syukur
Dan lalu tertidur dengan penuh doa kasih di dalam hatimu dan sebuah gita puji pada bibirmu

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Optimization of Policy and Waste Management Strategy with Environtmentally Conception

Nowdays we are often confronted with various issues surrounding the environment that directly or indirectly will influence and implications on the pattern and way of life of modern society today. One environmental issue that is often in the public spotlight today about a less than optimal government and other stakeholders in implementing any policies and strategies relating to the management and environmentally sound waste management in this country.
 This paradigm is realized currently associated with the handling of waste is still limited to conventional waste management put in place open to the left to rot by itself. Although it has been cultivated that the landfill is concentrated in one particular area with sanitary landfill method. But in reality the problem is still not un-end garbage, trash is still a source of air pollution because of the smell, and water pollution due to lindinya handling of water (leachate) is less good that seeps into the various places that are not supposed to, and has caused outbreaks of disease and as well as one of the causes of flooding. This is one of the problems caused when dealing lately and not systematic.
TPA Piyungan, Bantul Jogjakarta
Foto by Zahirul Alwan 

TPA Piyungan, Bantul Jogjakarta
Foto by Zahirul Alwan 

from :

UU No. 18 year 2008 about waste management and a clear mandate to the government of any other related parties who will be proactive and more responsive to the problems of waste management with strategic policies and participatory for the community. However, the reality of what happens when it shows the contradiction between the actions taken by the government with a passion that is contained in Law no. 18 year 2008, is an indication of low awareness of government officials and other stakeholders to play a role in the handling of waste in an effort to achieve good environmental quality and environmentally friendly, no effective legal instrument in guiding people's behavior patterns to coordinate with the government in the handling of waste, as well as decline in the quality of end disposal management (TPA), which is marked by changes in landfill management system of the sanitary landfill to be open dumping. Government and  stakeholders in this regard is expected to synergize and optimize the return policy and waste management strategy to be a stimulus for the community in developing environmentally friendly behavior patterns, in the sense that every action taken by the government and society is always based on the principles of maintenance and environmental protection.

Optimality build waste management policies and strategies

Based on the above descriptions indicate the level of complexity of the problems faced by governments, stakeholders, and society in dealing explicitly garbage lies in the application of the paradigm that is no longer associated accommodative and responsive handling of waste and implementation (enforcement) is not maximized with regulations concerning the handling of waste. In this case there should be a strong commitment and innovation in a creative, innovative of all parties to optimize the set of rules regarding the handling and environmentally sound waste pembagunan and change the paradigm that is unaware membagun relavansi in the context of government, stakeholders, and society in facing the problem of garbage in this country.

There are some general principles that can be used as a basis in order to optimize waste management policy and the development of a healthy environment as described below:

Based on the ilustration above can be explained that the basis of seven principal in order to optimize every government policy in terms of waste can be realized optimally capable berharmonisasi and integrated together with each other. Conceptual scheme above shows that the basic policy of garbage and Participation Pro-Poor Total can open as wide as possible the role and participation of the community, especially those living below the poverty line through a more responsive service that will create a climate of public awareness as a whole (comprehensive). This certainly must be supported by the Pro form the policy environment in which every process of making and policy implementation should not be separated from their impact on the environment so as to create policies that can maintain a balance between the need for implementation of waste management and environmental capacity. Furthermore basis based on the concept of regionalization whereby each region to help build a pattern of strategic cooperation between the sector by formulating mekainisme waste management and integrated development.

Next is the effort to reform human resources and government officials associated with the management and waste pembagunan embodied in the concept of good corporate governance and the Real Demand Survey that requires the optimization of pemeritnah apparatus in applying the principles of good entrepreneurship and the principle of cost recovery in implementation and development of waste and ceoat response in terms of identifying the problem of waste based on the real needs of the field. The whole concept is, of course, will memeberikan fairness, certainty, and the benefits to all parties if it is supported by the Law Enforcement consistent and credible in maintenance problems and development of waste in this country.

Some strategic steps in optimize policy and change management paradigm and pembagunan waste can be done through the following steps:
  1. Revitalizing the concept of decentralization as a means of waste disposal service approach to the implementation of public services by reducing waste as much as possible starting from the source and megedepankan role and active participation of all community members as partners in waste management.
  2. Elaborated a strategic partnership with the private sector through the simplification of bureaucracy for private parties who are interested to invest in waste management.
  3. Improve coaching and intensive public awareness and sustainable (sustainable) will try 5R (reduce, reuse, recycling, recovery, change) associated with the management and development of waste and develop and implement a system of incentives and disincentives in the implementation of 5R.

  4. Improved service coverage and quality management systems to maximize the utilization of solid waste facilities and infrastructure.
  5. Institutional development, regulation and legislation by upgrading the status and capacity of the institutions of governance, productivity, solid waste management Institute that delimit the functions/offices of regulators and operators, as well as to encourage the implementation of surveillance systems and the consistent application of legal sanctions in order to develop officials, communities and other stakeholders.
The consequence of applying the principles of policy and strategy in a program that is consistent, integrated and comprehensive will give positive pegaruh to the role and performance of government, stakeholders, and communities in overcoming the various problems associated with waste management today. With the concept and mechanism are expected to be a catalyst for every component of society to maximize its role in maintaining and preserving the environment through the management and development of environmentally sound waste.