Friday, March 12, 2010

Lawang Sewu, The Excotic Building with Many History

If you visit Semarang, the capitol of Central Java Province in Indonesia, do not ever neglect visiting Lawang Sewu Building on your tour schedule. That is what I did when I have an opportunity visited Semarang for my work . In my thight schedule I spare my time to go there. People said that if you visit Semarang without go to Lawang Sewu it means you didn’t go there.

Lawang Sewu is The old building wich was constructed in the age of Dutch Colonial. It was named from Javanesse language, Lawang means door and Sewu means thousand then Lawang Sewu means Thousands Doors. According to the name, this building has thousands door but none never know how many exactly the door is. None can count the exactly number of doors.

Lawang Sewu was build in 1903 and designed by Dutch Architech, P de Rieau. The construction was lead by an architeck Profesor Klinkkaner and Quendaag. The opening ceremony of Lawang Sewu was held in July 1st 1907. At the first place Lawang Sewu was built for Central Office of Nederlandsch Indische Spoor-weg Maatschapij (NIS) purpose, a Private Train Company that was existed since 1864 in Indonesia.

The Design of this building compeletely follow Nederland Architecture. It located in a land of 18.232 meter2 on Jalan Bojong (Bojong Street), Semarang in the corner or Jalang Pandan Aran and Jalan Dr. Soetomo. The location inspired the architect to design it with wings shape building that consist of the main building, left wing building and the right one.

First foundation was put in February 27th, 1904 constructed with some heavy concrete construction and wall of split. Almost all material was prepared from Europe, especially Amsterdam.

Many years passed, the function refers to other function depend on the age that It passed. Others function are : Office of Transportation Department, The Head Office of Local Militery Comando of Central Java (Kodam IV/Diponegoro) and also become a Five Stars Hotel in the New Orde. The most unforgettable history from this place is Five Days War in Semarang that this building becomed a centre of war between Indonesia and Japan’s Soldier. Many people died on the war, including some of Youth of Train Organization . Their lied on the front yard of Lawang Sewu. The named have written near the Front Gade of Lawang Sewu.

But still you can see that none pay attention to it's condition. The building looks not in good carrying and maintaining. Many placa we can find show the crack and path. Dust,mould and mud are every where. Some of the wings building loose the roof. It looks very untidy and disarrange . Eventhough each day many tourist from local and foreigner come to see Lawang Sewu, still no change and uncarring.

Hope The Government will consider to this meaningful history building. Make it smile and welcome us as one of cultural pledge area. And it always can attrack foreign tourist to visit Indonesia, especially Semarang.

I really enjoy my experience visited Semarang in 2009, the fact I like doing history tour. It really knowledge me more history and the beauty of Lawang Sewu even some people say that it is spooky building because of many history behind.

Ask your friend and family to come. For you, who like history place tour, I gurantee you will not be upset with the art and architecture of the building.

For me visiting Lawang Sewu is one of my great experience in life.. Come on, Come to see it!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Happiness..becoming a mother Part II

Dear all readers,
This time I want to share about the story in my life. The fact that I dont have wait too long for having my second child. The pregnancy was very well better than the first time. I didnt have morning sicknes, still could do my daily actifities in work, supervising the project and often time went out of city for that work. Seem I enjoyed my pregnancy from day to day until this baby is born.

In my pregnancy 6 mounths doctor said that my baby will be boy. How happy I was while knowing that. My daughter also happy that she knew the new baby will come from her mother'stomach as she told me. Not much preparation I did cos almost stuff still exist from his sister.

Finally the birthing time is come. At 12 am I found a little blood on panties so I directly went to birthing house. But seem the baby still didnt want to birth..

I have to wait until 5.30 pm until the baby was birthing. I was so happy at that time. That I was blessing with God having the 2 cute babies.

You may guess, that my daughter welcome her brother with all of her heart. She likes her position as older sister. She helped me prepare the diaper, powder, soap and any other things of baby needed. She always wondered that she could have a brother now so she is no longer being alone. She tried to remember that her birthday is on 21st April and her brother is 8th February.

I forget telling you that my baby boy was named as Muhammad Syauqi Hafizh. I found that name on internet and the meaning of his name is the people that loved by the God. I like watching his progress. I really enjoyed the time cos he is a cool baby, so much better than his sister or maybe it because I am more expert than facing my first child. He sarting has teeth at 8 mounths, walking in 11 mounths and spelling his first word at 18 mounths.

Now he is 3 years old boy. He takes so much interest in any kind of transportation mode. He likes aeroplane , train, and truck very much. It made me often time camming their action on my handphone cam. Before go to sleep he usually shows that movie and gives some comment on the video.

He likes the music too. Everytime he listens to the beat music he move some part of his body following the music. No other expectation from a mother better than can watch the baby grown up and healthy. I always say it to my heart. Always pray and hope God always carrying my children. Giving them the best way in their life. Loving people that they know and doing good things in their life. I hope so...