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The Moment I Step My Feeth in Singapore

Travelling is one of my hobby. And writting my story after meet new experience also some pleasure for me. This time I wanna share to all readers about my experience while I got chance to visit Singapore.

There are two ways to reach Singapore from Lampung. First, enter Singapore by Changi Airport and Second way is reach trough Batam. If I choose the first trip then I have to take the flight to Jakarta first by local airline and continue International Flight to Singapore. In Jakarta as you know that we have to meet imigration process such as apply for free fiscal (by showing our tax card . read :  NPWP card) and passpor before we are allowed to board. The easier is on the second way, because by Batavia Air  we could meet the direct flight to Batam, then we have to move from Hang Nadim Airport, Batam to some port like Hourbour Bay in Batam to continue the trip  by Ferry to Harbourfront in Singapore.
Harbourfront Centre, Singapore

Harbourfront, Singapore

Harbourfront, Singapore
Changi Airport
Immigration Service at Changi

Many hostels, hotel, apartment rental you may find in Singapore. It depends on your itinerary. For those who like backpacker travelling , usually they use hostel to stay. Hostel rate could only charge from S$17,depend on the fasility they serve.
Transportation technology advances can also be seen in this country. Mass transport become the main mode that is used almost the whole of the people there. Various modes of public transport is provided to facilitate tourist enjoying their country. They offer taxis, buses, a modern fast train: MRT (Mass Rapid Transit).
Contactless Smart Card for Entering MRT

Card Reader while entering the Bus
at Ticket Counter , Dhoby Ghout MRT Station

If you want to go alone, without the guidance, you can do  it  safely in Singapore. Every bus stop insert the bus route and MRT route/station.So it is easy to reach our destination without lossing time to ask people. 

 Marina Bay
The first tourism place I visit is Marina Bay, The favourite place of Indonesian while they visit Singapore , where Merlion Statue lies there. As an integrated resort zone must equip themselves with various interesting entertainment MBS. Watch the Lion King musical offerings from Walt Disney. Is the first in the South-East Asia, will open in the Marina Bay Sands ® Theatre in October 2010. There is also a museum building with unique architecture and futuristic. There will be plenty of international exhibitions of art in a place where world-class exhibitions exhibitions will be held in the Museum. 
Near Merlion, around Marina Bay
Marina Bay is a region in the south of Singapore, on the east side of the mouth of the Singapore River, next to an artificial bay created by land reclamation. Now proud as a large conference center, several hotels and major retail and office areas. Suntec City is interesting buildings in Marina Bay as a building designed to look like a human hand with fingers and thumbs are visible from the ground. Tower has 4 long (finger) and 1 short (thumb) by spinning and a big fountain in the middle (the palm of the hand).

Little India
My favourite place runs to Little India. Little India is an ethnic neighborhood has been found in Singapore That element of Tamil culture. Little India is located on the east side of Singapore River, across from Chinatown, located west of the river, and north of Kampong Glam. Both areas are part of the urban planning area Rochor. Little India is different from Chulia Kampong area, which, under the Raffles Plan of Singapore, the beginning is a division of Singapore's colonial Nowhere Is Tamil immigrants under the British policy of ethnic segregation. However, as Chulia Kampong Become more Winners and competition for land increases, many ethnic Tamil Moved into what is now known as Little India. (Chulia Kampong District no longer exists as a distinct area.) You may also find the cheap hostel for backpacker in this area.
Deepavali Celebration
During Deepavali (usually between Oct / Nov), the Indian Festival of Lights, Little India turned into a fairyland full of festive decorations, and the streets are brightly lit crowded with shoppers. Witness also the faith of the Hindu ritual of Thaipusam as a full-color, every January / February. Temples were full of the colors side by side in peace with the churches and mosques, parrot fortune teller to open his stall at the junkman, and the aroma of spices coming from restaurant and home eating. Do not leave Little India without a temporary Henna tattoo or try "Teh Tarik", namely a hand pulled cup of tea .
Flowers and Sweet for Deepavali
Mustafa Shopping Centre  also lies in Little India. This place also known as Mustafa Singapore to many tourists, is not only the best known shopping centre in Singapore's Little India but also with tourists from Inida, Middle East and Africa.Mustafa Center is one of the first shopping center to open 24 hours a day. Mustafa Centre has a certain allure given its history, especially its rags to riches story. It had its earliest origins as a humble pavement garment stall, which was run by its current CEO Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed at a tender age of 12, whose family migrated from a village in North India many years ago. Over the years, this pavement stall grew in size and profits so much so that today it is one of Singapore’s top dollar tourist and shopping attractions.

National Museum of Singapore
The next visiting is National Museum of Singapore.  If you want to know the history of a country just visit their national museum where it told the history of the country. National Museums such as the Crown Jewel of the Architecture Museum in Singapore. It was built in 1887, the building of neoclassical style rises majestically in the heart of the city as the largest museum in the country. This museum is a repository of 11 national Singapore heritage, including the stone, which is believed to come from 13 century. In addition to functioning as a gallery of the Museum is also a remarkable history, such as the analysis of various stories of children from different regions of Asia, including Indonesia, puppet, food and film.
National Museum of Singapore

Museum at Night

 China Town
  Do not miss this cultural heritage while you visit Singapore. Chinatown in Singapore is the ideal place to see the culture of china .In this place you can enjoy a combination of many cultural heritage, convenience stores and a wide variety of products that can make you satisfied and happy .  
The heart of Chinatown is a crowded place, a vibrant blend of new and old, ranging from gold shops, drug store family business, until the fabric store, to restaurants Dimsum. In addition, the street food that you can find there. Unique hotel to stay lies there.The Scarlet also available is one of the unique hotel located on Erskine Road.
Visit the Centre of Chinatown Heritage, which is impressive to meet the impressive histroy of the culture of this area. Located in three shophouses restored in Pagoda Streetvbeautifully, you can learn from social history and the development of Chinatown on pictures, recording oral interviews and exposures, which allows you to walk the path that has been done to commemorate Chinese immigrants at the beginning of Singapore. 

There is also an important religious sites in this area, and maybe you will be surprised of the Hindu temple and shrine. Sri Mariamman Temple Both Temple mosque Jamae mosque towards the South Bridge Road is the oldest place of worship in Singapore. A little further, you can find the Buddha Temple of the tooth of the Buddha (Temple of the tooth of the Buddha), which is famous for it's awesome to preserve tooth of the Buddha. 
Food Stall around Chinatown

The Crowd in Chinatown

Arab Street
I really feel the moslem environment at Arab Street. Arab Street was a spine for transportation in the "Arab Kampong" or "Muslim Quarter" drawn up in Sir Stamford Raffles' Town Plan of 1822. By 1824, Arab Street was laid. The area saw residents who were Malays or other Muslims comprising Arabs, Indians, Bugis, Boyanese and Javanese. Arab Street served as the "town centre" and became the main shopping street and trading centre of activities in this Muslim quarter. Several fires have gutted Arab Street since the early days, and a great fire of 14 January 1889, caused much damage.
Arab Street Mosque

Arab Street today is still a key Muslim centre in Singapore. All walks of life gather here to savour the culture, colour and cuisine. Many of Singapore's "first generation" shophouses of squat two-storey buildings, with one or two windows on the upper floor facade, are found here on Arab Street. Each block of these shophouses are 135 m (35 shophouses) long and 8 m deep. Here amidst the heady smells of Arab Street, were import-export businesses, wholesale and retail textile merchants, all catering to the needs of the various ethnic Muslim communities settled here although it became popular with other Singaporeans and even foreigners. Today, the shops sell jewellery, sweet perfumes, carpets, curio, rattan and other basketware, preserved food and other delicacies; spices, flower-shops, Muslim restaurants, and money-changers too. Travel agents here specialise in the travel needs of Muslim pilgrims heading for Mecca.
On 7 July 1989, Kampong Glam was gazetted a conservation area by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Arab Street comes under this conservation area. In 1993/1994 the Arab Street/Baghdad Street/Bussorah Street area came under the URA's conservation pilot project.
@Warung Jawa Timur, Plaza Singapura

Three days will never be enough to explore the Singapore. But knowing this place only in three days , really feel there is one thing that really inspires me. The regularity of the State-owned, Good Governance has created regularity and compliance with applicable regulations. Every person obey and recognize when they violate the rules will get punishment. And, more to impress the lives of various ethnic groups coexist peacefully as we know that ethnicity in Singapore consists of Arabic Chinese, Malay, Indian, and other ethnicity. And every ethnic peculiarities themselves, but they can live in an orderly and peaceful. What needs to be replicated when Indonesia has begun to fade with these values. 

Hopefully within the next time our beloved country Indonesia will be the best country. With regularity, unity and friendliness that is almost extinct due to a shift in time. Hopefully, if all of us intend to build this country with fields and respective capabilities. Indonesia will never be less attractive country among The whole Southeast Asian countries.


Friday, November 26, 2010

When I desire to write

The time passed so quickly. Seem I leave my little world for a century. The World that give me so much space, freedom and honesty to put all from my brain. I really miss the moment.  I feel the spirit anytime I start to write.

This little room let me express anything. Not necesarilly limited by space and time. What I can see very clearly. About my life, about the happiness I found, about the sorrow that I always it will end sooner about anything I want to write.

What I call as soul finer. The place where I can honed intuition that I never revealed to others. At the time I feel that this is the place I belong. Yelling what I could shout and tell the honesty when others dont wanna listen. I could whisper to the things that people think it is very unreal.

Yes, I love writting. Write anything if people said it's just a trash. I love my world. The smallest space in the world. 

This is my home. Where there is my love life, the moment I feel ups and down. The place that only recognize me as the host. And I always miss the moment when I can express the idea and the imagination I have inside my head.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Khafilah Ummar bin Khattab and His Role Model Stories

Full name Umar bin Abdul Uzza bin Nafiel, born in Mecca, the Banu Adi, one of the family of Quraish tribe. His father named Khaththab bin Nufail Al Shimh Al Quraisyi and his mother Hantamah binti Hashim. 
Omar was a nickname given by Muhammad, Al-Faruq, which means people who can distinguish between truth and false. Umar's family-owned middle-class family, he could read and write at the time was something rare. Umar, also known as a strong physical where he was a champion wrestler in Mecca. 
Before embracing Islam, as is the tradition of mecca stupid at the time, Omar buried her daughter alive. As he says himself, "I cried when digging the grave for my daughter He developed. And then comb the beard". Drunkenness is also common among the Quraysh. Some accounts say that the pre-Islam, Umar liked to drink wine. After becoming a Muslim, he's not happy.
When the invitation to Islam was declared by the Prophet Muhammad, Umar took up positions to defend the traditional religion of the Quraysh (idol worship). At that time Omar was one of a very loud message of Islam and its adherents are often tortured. It is said that at one point, Umar decided to kill Muhammad. When searching, he met a Muslim (Nu'aim bin Abdullah), who later told me that her sister also had embraced Islam. Umar was shocked upon notification and return to his home. In Omar's house to find that his sister read the verses of the Holy Qur'an (Thoha letter), he became angry about it and hit his brother. When he saw his brother bled by the blows he became a darling, and then requested that the reading is can he seen. He then became very shocked by the contents of the Qur'an and then immediately embraced Islam on the same day
Omar was the one who took part in the event migrated to Yathrib (Madinah) in 622 AD. He was involved in the battle of Badr, Uhud, Khaybar, and the attack on Syria. He is one very close friend of the Prophet Muhammad SAW In the year 625, his daughter (Hafsah) married to the Prophet Muhammad.
Umar and The Death of Prophet Muhammad 
After the pain within a few weeks, the Prophet Muhammad died on Monday, June 8 632 (12 Rabi `Early, 10 Hijri), in Medina. Funeral preparations inhibited by Umar who forbade anyone bathing or preparing her body for burial. He asserted that the Prophet did not die but not in the gross body, and will be back any time. (Hayatu Muhammad, M Husain Haikal) Abu Bakr who happened to be outside the Medina, to hear the news and then hurried back. Omar was arrested, he found a Muslim and then say. "Gentlemen! If anyone wants to worship Muhammad, Muhammad is dead, but anyone want to worship God, God is always alive never die .." Abu Bakr then recited the verses from the Qur'an:

"Muhammad is a messenger, had passed before some of the apostles What if he dies or is killed, will you turn back on your heels (as disbelievers).? Those who returned, then he can not bring harm to Allah at all, and God will reward those who grateful "(Surah Ali Imran ayah  144) .
Umar then gave up and let the burial preparations undertaken.
Being Khalifah
During the reign of Umar, the rule of Islam is growing very rapidly. Islam took over Mesopotamia and Persia from the hands of some Persian Sassanid dynasty (which ended the Sassanid empire) and took over Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa and Armenia from the Roman Empire (Byzantium).
History records many great battle that became the beginning of this conquest. In the battle of Yarmuk, which took place near Damascus in 636, 20 thousand Muslim troops defeated the Roman troops who reached 70 thousand and an end to Roman rule in southern Asia Minor.

Other Islamic forces in small amounts to get the victory over Persian forces in greater numbers in the battle Qadisiyyah (636 th), near the river Euphrates. In that battle, namely the Islamic army generals Sa `ad ibn Abi Waqqas defeated Sassanid troops and managed to kill the famous Persian general, Rustam Farrukhzad.
In the year 637, after a long siege of Jerusalem, the Muslims finally take over the city. Omar is given a key to enter the city by the pastor Sophronius and invited to pray at the church (Church of the Holy Sepulchre). Umar chose to worship elsewhere so as not to endanger the church. 55 years later, the Mosque of Omar to establish where he prayed.
Omar did a lot of administrative reform and the control of the close of public policy, including building an administrative system for the newly conquered areas. He also ordered the convening of the census throughout the Islamic region. Year 638, he was ordered to expand and renovate the Grand Mosque in Makkah and Prophet Mosque in Medina. He also began the process of codification of Islamic law.
Omar is known from simple lifestyle, rather than adopting the lifestyle and appearance of the rulers at that time, he remained very simple life. In about the year to 17 Hijri, in the fourth year kekhalifahannya, Omar decided that the Islamic calendar should begin to be calculated when the show moved.
The Death of Ummar bin Khattab

Umar ibn Khattab was killed by Abu Lukluk (Fairuz), a slave at the time he will lead the Fajr prayer. Fairuz is one citizen who converted to Islam after the conquest of Persia Persian Omar. The murder was allegedly a personal vendetta against the background of Abu Lukluk (Fairuz) against Omar. Fairuz felt hurt over the defeat of Persia, who was then state Digdaya, by Umar. This incident occurred on Wednesday, 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 23 H/644 AD After his death the position held by the caliph Uthman ibn Affan in. Omar is still alive for Omar left a will that is:
  1. If you find a spot to someone and you want rebuked him, rebuked yourself. Because your word more of it. 
  2. If you are against somebody, then against your stomach first. Since there is no more dangerous enemy to you than the stomach. 
  3. If you want to praise someone, thank God Almighty. Because no one is more than giving you a more polite and tender to you but to God Almighty. 
  4. If you want to leave something to leave the joys of the world. Because if you leave it, then you are worthy of praise. 
  5. When you are ready to something bersiplah die. Because if you're not ready to die, you will suffer loss and repentance. 
  6. If you want to claim the claim  afterlife. Because you don't get it, looking at it
 The Role Model History of Ummar bin Khattab

One day the Caliph Umar ibn sent Jutsamah ra Musahiq Al-Kinani to deliver a letter to the Emperor Romanic Helaclius, when Jutsamah will depart, Umm Kulthum bint Ali bin Abi Talib Caliph Umar ibn Al-wife with his brother Ali Hussain ra entrust a letter to the emperor empress named Martina, in addition to the letter Umm Kulsum also entrust a cup of glass which contains the perfume as a gift to the empress.

Jutsaimah Konstantiniyah goes to town, after arriving there he met the emperor Heraclius and convey the Caliph Omar and was also handed a letter containing glass perfume from the Caliph's wife to the empress, as requested by the wife of the Caliph, Jutsamah translate the contents of a letter to the empress as follows:

From Umm Kulsum, wife of Amir al-Mu `Umar Minin For Martina, 
the Roman emperor Heraclius permasuri Peace to you .. 
I invite you to achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter, my sister, you go to Islam,
if you convert to Islam, your husband will follow you and your people will also be converted to Islam because of the rewards you will get prizes of thousands of people who receive guidance. .

Hearing the contents of the letter, the empress was impressed. He said: "I received a gift of a glass of this perfume, but I refused the invitation to Islam, I stick to my religion." Last Martina entrusting a very expensive diamond necklace as a gift to Umm Kulthum. Jutsamah back to Medina, the necklace he gave to Al-Husayn jewel to give to her sister Umm Kulthum, Umm Kulthum how they will be pleased with the gift of the emperor's consort. But then the Caliph 'Umar saw diamond necklace and asked where he acquired it. Umm Kulthum, also explain the origin of the necklace.

 Hearing the explanation from his wife, the Caliph Umar said: "necklace is the right of the Muslims, because the necklace to be submitted to the Baitul Maal" Caliph Umar Umm Kulthum Speech angered, he said: "I do not want to talk anymore with you forever" Caliph went to the mosque told the muezzin to call Muslims, after they gathered the Caliph rose to the pulpit and told his wife's affair necklace Accepted for the Muslims, the Caliph said: "necklace must be returned to the Baitul Maal, Umm Kulthum was not entitled to receive it, he obtained it because he is wife `Amir al-Mu Minin" Those Muslims who were present said: "We are very pleased to Umm Kulthum necklace, necklaces let into his Mu` Yes Amiral Minin "

Khalifah went home, he asked his wife: "Are you still mad at me, I have consulted to` Muslims in mosques on this necklace, they agree and accept the necklace be yours, but if you memyerahkannya to the Baitul Maal, all the better "story about the necklace until well as to the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ra father Umm Kulthum. After returning from a trip permit meminnta Imam Ali to meet with the Caliph Umar, the Caliph who greeted him and said: "Ahlan ya Abal Hasan, please sign .." Imam Ali's greeting to his daughter, Umm Kulthum, also kissed the hand of his father. Imam Ali said: "Where is the necklace, my daughter?" And Umm Kulthum to show it, saying: "here, it is, father.."

Imam Ali said: "Hi, my daughter did not deserve this necklace worn by the family of the Prophet and the family was also the Caliph Umar, the necklace was worth only worn by royal families or Kisra, you do not like other women, you were my daughter Fatima` Prophet's grandson, you is my son, the wife of Caliph Omar, the leader of the Muslims, better for you when people say, "her husband has menzaliminya for the Muslims of them said:" menzalimi husband of the Muslims for the sake of "his wife, please consider what would you choose, if you will choosing God and afterlife of pleasure or choose this necklace, my daughter? "

Umm Kulthum said: " I would choose God and the afterlife, please take this necklace father and submit to Baitul Maal " .... Subhanallaah Imam Ali said: Allah " bless you, my daughter ... " witnessed the incident Khalifah Umar RA said loudly : " really , The Good Offspring derived from The Good Families too… "

Here's one story of Role Model from Ummar bin Khattab. Hopefully, this paper provides many benefits for the reader and may Allah Almighty always gives us many blessings which to practice their religion properly and correctly. 

If we love Islam, then love The Prophet Muhammad and his companions and give much for their intercession. Hopefully God will forgive our sins. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kerendahan Hati

Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi beringin
yang tegak di puncak bukit
Jadilah belukar, tetapi belukar yang baik,
yang tumbuh di tepi danau

Kalau kamu tak sanggup menjadi belukar,
Jadilah saja rumput, tetapi rumput yang
memperkuat tanggul pinggiran jalan
Kalau engkau tak mampu menjadi jalan raya
Jadilah saja jalan kecil,
Tetapi jalan setapak yang
Membawa orang ke mata air

Tidaklah semua menjadi kapten
tentu harus ada awak kapalnya….
Bukan besar kecilnya tugas yang menjadikan tinggi
rendahnya nilai dirimu
Jadilah saja dirimu….
Sebaik-baiknya dari dirimu sendiri

This poem is one of the works of great poets, Taufik Ismail. His poetry always inspires the readers' heart. I apologize if this moment I don't use English in writing this poem is for you. That's because I'm very impressed with every word of the poem. Maybe next time I will translate this poem in English, so all of my friends can read this poem.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Dear all moslem,
Assalamualaikum Warrohamtullahi Wabarokatuh
From the bottom of my heart and strong generousity I congratulate you Happy Fasting Ramadhan Mounth. May Alloh SWT always give us so much blessing, help us trough the Ramadhan with very good result. Wish you a very Happy Ramadhan.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Price of Hidayah

Today, not least in the Indonesian Muslim majority, as a result, they go from Hidayah (guidance) of God, Allah SWT. Crease was seen in all stages of life, because the lives of individuals, households, communities to the State.Consequently, there is chaos and unfairness of life throughout the world and in all areas of life. The most pathetic and horrible again obeyed, man currently competing to Allah SWT, their own God. Even many who swear in the name of God to the disbelief over it and get rid of the law of God from the field and applying the law in ignorance of life instead. Strangely, they still claim to be Muslim.

Frequently asked questions are: why there are people who believe in God and God's law and others are incredulous (deny) God and his law and / or faith in God, but rejected the law of God? Why not God created all men have faith in him and his law.? Isn't God is very powerfull?

God who made man as God allows the individual to choose the way of life they would make the rules and standards of living in this world, be it roads of faith (faith), or street of Kufr (rejection and sinners) toward laws and systems. But each case will have different consequences the afterlife. God explains trough Quran Surah Alkahfi 29-31.
وَقُلِ الْحَقُّ مِنْ رَبِّكُمْ فَمَنْ شَاءَ فَلْيُؤْمِنْ وَمَنْ شَاءَ فَلْيَكْفُرْ إِنَّا أَعْتَدْنَا لِلظَّالِمِينَ نَارًا أَحَاطَ بِهِمْ سُرَادِقُهَا وَإِنْ يَسْتَغِيثُوا يُغَاثُوا بِمَاءٍ كَالْمُهْلِ يَشْوِي الْوُجُوهَ بِئْسَ الشَّرَابُ وَسَاءَتْ مُرْتَفَقًا (29) إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آَمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ إِنَّا لَا نُضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلًا (30) أُولَئِكَ لَهُمْ جَنَّاتُ عَدْنٍ تَجْرِي مِنْ تَحْتِهِمُ الْأَنْهَارُ يُحَلَّوْنَ فِيهَا مِنْ أَسَاوِرَ مِنْ ذَهَبٍ وَيَلْبَسُونَ ثِيَابًا خُضْرًا مِنْ سُنْدُسٍ وَإِسْتَبْرَقٍ مُتَّكِئِينَ فِيهَا عَلَى الْأَرَائِكِ نِعْمَ الثَّوَابُ وَحَسُنَتْ مُرْتَفَقًا (31)
وَقُلِ الْحَقُّ مِنْ رَبِّكُمْ فَمَنْ شَاءَ فَلْيُؤْمِنْ وَمَنْ شَاءَ فَلْيَكْفُرْ إِنَّا أَعْتَدْنَا لِلظَّالِمِينَ نَارًا أَحَاطَ بِهِمْ سُرَادِقُهَا وَإِنْ يَسْتَغِيثُوا يُغَاثُوا بِمَاءٍ كَالْمُهْلِ يَشْوِي الْوُجُوهَ بِئْسَ الشَّرَابُ وَسَاءَتْ مُرْتَفَقًا (29) إِنَّ الَّذِينَ آَمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ إِنَّا لَا نُضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلًا (30) أُولَئِكَ لَهُمْ جَنَّاتُ عَدْنٍ تَجْرِي مِنْ تَحْتِهِمُ الْأَنْهَارُ يُحَلَّوْنَ فِيهَا مِنْ أَسَاوِرَ مِنْ ذَهَبٍ وَيَلْبَسُونَ ثِيَابًا خُضْرًا مِنْ سُنْدُسٍ وَإِسْتَبْرَقٍ مُتَّكِئِينَ فِيهَا عَلَى الْأَرَائِكِ نِعْمَ الثَّوَابُ وَحَسُنَتْ مُرْتَفَقًا (31)

And say: " Truth (" Al-Qur'an) from your Lord, and who wish to (say), let them believe and who wants to (false), even if they do not believe ". Verily, we have prepared for the hell not the man who gejolaknya surrounding. And if they ask for drink, they would be allowed to drink the boiling water, both searing person iron. This is the worst place to relax and drink of the ugliest. (29), verily those who believe and do deeds, of course, we won't spend reward of those who practice (it) with good. (30) They (people) for them to Cosmos " Eternity, skipping the rivers, in the heavens, that they are decorated with gold bracelets, and they are green clothing from silk and silk dense, while they were sitting, just sit atop beautiful sofas. This is the best reward, and beautiful places to visit.

So people do not have the opportunity for prejudices to God, let alone a judge accused him dalam not discriminatory or unfair in manusia in the Hereafter will be associated with what they have been selected and they mendapatkan kehidupan dunia selama allocated, and also as bukti injustice Lord God, the Almighty Creator and not a dictator, though against his servant though, God has created them with the best form compared with other creatures, making it the perfect creature. Human perfection is equipped with super-sophisticated physical facilities, well equipped with four super-modern equipment, ie ears, eyes, brain and liver.

In addition, the book (Al - Quran), directive life than Haq (right), to explain where also revealed them Haq (truth) and which is also a way to fake, what to save and to deceive people and an apostle named Mohammad was aided by the explanation. Guide Book of life that also ensures its authenticity until the day of judgement was supported by the signs of its grandeur and splendor of the tesirat universe and human beings, anytime, God that appear, either through human in scientific experiments, working time or have been in front of them.

However, why still many people who are infidels, against God the Creator, and some even deny God's existence while they themselves lived on the earth God created? In the condition of humanity today is losing grip and hints of life, then the Hidayah value was very expensive. Due to the Hidayah why can humans live noble and good in the world and more beyond.
To feel how expensive the value of a Hidayah, at least two things to note. First, the idea Hidayah. Secondly, all kinds of Hidayah.

1.  Understanding of the Hidayah ( instructions )
the language of the Hidayah means guidance. In terms (terminology), Hidayah is the explanation and direction that will be delivered to the destination so that the victory is with Allah. Such an understanding can we understand by the word of Allah Surah Al-Baqarah follows:
"Those who continue to receive instruction from God their Creator, and (therefore) they are the people who succeed." (Sura Al-Baqarah: 5)
2.  Kinds of Hidayah
The great Islamic scholars have explained in detail and depth about Hidayah / Hudan, especially those taken from the Quran written by Al-Balkhi in his book "al-wa-an-Nazho Asybah ir", Yahya Ibn Salam in his book " On-Tashoriif ", As-Suyuti in his book" Al-Itqon "and Ibn al-Jawzi Qoyyim in his book" Al-An-Nawazhir A'yun Nuzhatu. "

Hidayah/Hudan Quran contains approximately 171 verses in 52, and there is a religious person. Understanding the Hidayah/Hudan in the Quran and Haditsh, there are about 27 meaning. Among the significant: explanation, religion, Islam, Iman (faith), appeal, knowledge, team, direct/smart, Apostle/book, the Koran, Torah, tofig/accuracy, compliance with arguments, Tawhid  , roads, amenity, inspiration/instinct, teaching, gifts, promotion, die in Islam, the reward, as we have informed, fair and strong consistent.

Therefore, may this articel is helpful. May Allah help and assist us to understand how expensive and appreciate the value of  Hidayah  that Allah has given to us. Without Hidayah no way we could survive in the world and the hereafter. And may God was pleased to collect us in heaven with the highest paradise Saw the Apostle, shiddiqin it, 'martyrs, and the True God as we gather in a place of glory. Amin ya Robbal alamin

Mereka itulah yang tetap mendapat petunjuk dari Tuhan Pencipta mereka, dan (sebab itu) merekalah orang-orang yang sukses. (Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 5)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Komisi Irigasi sebagai Wadah bagi Aspirasi Petani Pemakai Air (P3A)

Komisi Irigasi (Komir) adalah organisasi yang dibentuk oleh gubernur (untuk Komir di tingkat propinsi) atau oleh bupati./walikota (untuk Komir di tingkat kabupaten/kota) yang berfungsi untuk mengkoordinasi dan  membantu gubernur atau bupati/walikota dalam merumuskan kebijakan di bidang irigasi untuk Daerah Irigasi di wilayahnya.

Komir memiliki tugas membantu gubernur atau bupati/walikota dalam membuat kebijakan sesuai dengan kewenangannya yang meliputi :
  • Peningkatan jaringan irigasi
  • Pengelolaan jaringan irigasi
  • Pengelolaan Aset Irigasi
  • Pengaturan air irigasi
  • Keberlanjutan sistem irigasi
  • dan Pelaporan
Struktur Organisasi

Komir terdiri dari satu orang ketua, satu orang ketua pelaksana harian, satu orang sekertari ( yang masing - masing merangkap sebagai anggota) ditambah dengan anggota anggota lainnya. Pengurus dapat didampingi oleh tenaga teknis atau tenaga ahli di bidang irigasi , bila diperlukan dengan kriteria : memiliki wawasan luas tentang pengelolaan dan pengembangan irigasi. Tenaga teknis ini diusulkan melalui sekertaris dan ditetapkan oleh ketua komisi.

Posisi ketua dijabat secara ex-officio oleh Kepala Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Daerah (Bappeda) atau Asisten II Sekertariat Daerah Propinsi atau Kabupaten/Kota sedangkan untuk ketua pelaksana harian dijabat oleh kepala bidang yang membidangi pengembangan dan pengelolaan irigasi.

Kegiatan ketatausahaan dan administrasi teknis dilakukan di kantor Sekertariat tetap yang berada di kantor dinas yang membidangi irigasi. Sekertariat tetap dipimpin oleh seorang Kepala Sekertariat dibantu oleh pelaksana tetap sekurang - kurangnya satu orang staf. Posisi ini dijabat secara ex-officio oleh pejabat yang membidangi irigasi di tingkat propinsi atau kabupaten/kota sedangkan pembantu pelaksana adalah staf yang bertanggung jawab penuh.

Jenis keanggotaaan Komir terdiri atas :

  • Keanggotaan Komir Propinsi  beranggotakan wakil dari pemerintah propinsi , wakil P3A pada Daerah Irigasi lintas kabupaten/kota dan Daerah Irigasi yang menjadi wewenang propinsi yang bersangkutan, wakil dari kelompok pengguna jaringan irigasi lainnya, wakil dari komir utusan kabupaten/kota terkait dengan prinsip keanggotaan proporsioan yang mewakili daerah hulu, tengah, hilir dan Daerah Irigasi. Jumlah anggota sebanyak - banyaknya 25 orang yang terdiri atas : sebanyak-banyaknya 8 orang wakil pemerintah propinsi, sebanyak-banyaknya 5 orang wakil dari P3A, sebanyak-banyaknya 2 orang wakil dari pengguna jaringan irigasi lainnya.
  • Keanggotaan Komir Kabupaten/Kota beranggotakan wakil dari pemerintah kabupaten/kota dan non pemerintah seperti perwakilan dari P3A dan pengguna jaringan irigasi lainnya dengan prinsip keterwakilan dari hulu, tengah, hilir dan daerah irigasi. Jumlah anggota sebanyak-banyaknya 15 orang yang terdiri dari sebanyak-banyaknya  8 orang wakil dari wakil pemerintah kabupaten/kota, sebanyak-banyaknya  5 orang wakil dari P3A pada wilayah tanggung jawab kabupaten/kota yang bersangkutan, sebanyak-banyaknya 2 orang wakil dari pengguna jaringan irigasi lainnya.
Keanggotaan dari unsur pemerintah popinsi atau pemerintah kabupaten/kota yang terlibat terdiri dari wakil instansi terkait dengan pengembangan dan pengelolaan sumberdaya air yang ditetapkan oleh gubernur atau bupati.walikota, antara lain terdiri atas :
  • Wakil dari Sekertariat Daerah Propinsi atau Kabupaten/Kota
  • Wakil dari dinas teknis yang membidangi irigasi
  • Wakil dari dinas teknis yang membidangi pertanian
  • Wakil dari lembaga / badan perencanaan pembangunan daerah
  • Wakil dari dinas teknis terkait lainnya yang berhubungan.
Komir yang beranggotakan dari berbagai keterwakilan antara pemerintah daerah terkait dan petani diharapkan mampu menjalankan tugasnya sebagai mediator antara petani dan pemerintah dalam menentukan kebijakan dalam bidang irigasi , sehingga kebijakan yang dihasilkan adalah semaksimal mungkin menguntungkan kedua belah pihak antara petani dan pemerintah dan terjalin hubungan kerja yang baik dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan irigasi dan untuk jangka waktu yang lebih panjang mampu mewujudkan petani yang mandiri dan mendukung program pemerintah dalam mewujudkan ketahanan pangan.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pemberdayaan Petani Pemakai Air (P3A) , Upaya Perwujudan Irigasi Yang Partisipatif

Petani Pemakai Air (P3A) adalah semua petani yang mendapat nikmat dan manfaat baik langsung  maupun tidak langsung dari dari pengelolaan air dan jaringan irigasi yang meliputi pemilik sawah, penggarap sawah, pemilik kolam ikan yang mendapat air dari jaringan irigasi dan pemakai air irigasi lainnya.

Pada prinsipnya organisasi ini sudah ada sejak air irigasi mulai menjagi bagian dari kehidupan pertanian. Pada mulanya organisasi seperti ini terkait erat dengan lembaga pemerintah desa sebagi pusat pengatur kegiatan masyarakat desa, meskipun ada yang berdiri sendiri seperti Subak di Bali , yang dalam perkembangananya organisasi ini sudah ada sejak lama secara tradisional dan mengakar pada kehidupan masyarakat. 

Pada pemerintahan orde baru , pemerintah menganjurkan dibentuk organisasi perkumpulan pemakai air secara formal, yang memiliki AD/ART yang dibuat oleh pemerintah sebagai pijakan bagi kegiatannya. Atas dasar ini setiap desa yang mempunyai areal irigasi dianjurkan untuk dibentuk perkumpulan petani pemakai air , dengan proses pembentukan dilakukan dengan penekanan khusus (semacam keharusan), dan dengan berorientasi terhadap jumlah dan waktu serta yang pada kenyataannya belum tentu menjadi kebutuhan masyarakat. 

Pemberdayaan Petani Pemakai Air

Pemberdayaan Petani Pemakai Air (P3A) adalah upaya menfasilitasi P3A untuk meningkatkan kinerja dalam pengelolaan jaringan irigasi di tingkat usaha tani menuju organisasi P3A mandiri dan berkelanjutan.  Peningkatan kinerja ini bukan semata mata memberikan modal kepada P3A untuk menjalankan organisasinya tetapi lebih untuk menambah berbagai aspek pengetahuan dan keterampilan serta pembenahan sikap melalui pelatihan yang terkait tentang Tata Guna Air di tingkat usaha tani. Pelatihan tersebut meliputi : bidang teknis irigasi, pertanian, dan pengembangan  organisasi  P3A serta materi pendukung.

Konsep pemberdayaan P3A mengacu pada Undang - Undang No. 7 Tahun 2004 tentang Sumberdaya Air pada mata pasal 41 dan 64 serta Peraturan Pemerintah No. 20 Tahun 2006 tentang Irigasi pada mata pasal 4 , 16 -20 bahwasannya:
  • Pengembangan dan pengelolaan sistem irigasi primer dan sekunder dilakukan oleh Pemerintah Pusat dengan luasan wilayah Daerah Irigasi di atas 3000 Ha
  • tingkatan Pemerintah Propinsi pada sistem irigasi primer dan sekunder dengan wilayah Daerah Irigasi yaitu 1000 - 3000 Ha
  • Pemerintah kabupaten/kota bertanggung jawab pada pengembangan dan pengelolaan jaringan irigasi primer dan sekunder dengan luas wilayah Daerah Irigasi hingga 1000 Ha.
  • Petani memiliki tanggung jawab dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan jaringan irigasi di tingkat sistem irigasi tersier.
Pemberdayaan P3A ini dimaksudkan agar terciptanya keterlibatan P3A dalam mendukung  program dari Pemerintah Pusat, Pemerintah Propinsi dan Pemerintah Kab/Kota dalam meningkatkan produktifitas lahan dalam rangka meningkatkan produksi pertanian, ketahanan pangan nasional dan kesejahteraan petani 

Pemberdayaan P3A pada sistem irigasi ditujukan untuk memandirikan kelembagaan tersebut dalam teknik, sosial ekonomi, kelembagaan dan pembiayaan melalui perkuatan terhadap :
  • Organisasi berstatus badan hukum, manajemen organisasi, pengakuan terhadap keberadaannya dan tanggung jawab pengelolaan irigasi di wilayahnya
  • kemampuan teknis pengelolaan irigasi dan usaha tani
  • pengelolaan keuangan dan dalam upaya mengurangi ketergantungan terhadap pihak lain
  • kemampuan kewirausahaan untuk menopang jalannya roda organisasi dalam rangka pembiayaan pengelolaan dan pengembangan irigasi tersier dan irigasi lainnya yang menjadi tanggung jawab petani dan berpartisipasi dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan jaringan irigasi primer/sekunder yang menjadi tanggung jawab pemerintah baik Pemerintah Pusat, Propinsi maupun Kabupaten/Kota.
Pemberdayaan P3A dilakukan secara berkelanjutan sesuai dengan tingkat perkembangan dinamika masyarakat dan mengacu pada pada proses pelaksanaan pengembangan dan pengelolaan sistem irigasi partisipatif secara terkondisi oleh instansi / dinas terkait di bidang irigasi baik tingkat propinsi atau kabupaten/kota sehingga dapat tercapai suatu upaya pemberdayaan /pembinaan terpadu dengan efektifitas dan efisiensi pencapaian hasil yang maksimal.

Metode Pemberdayaan P3A

Tata cara pemberdayaan adalah sebagai berikut :
  • Pemberdayaan dilaksanakan dengan metode sosialisasi , motivasi, kunjungan dan pertemuan berkala di kantor pengamat, fasilitasi, magang/studi banding, bimbingan teknis, pelatihan, pendampingan dan metode lainnya sesuai dengan kondisi setempat dan berdasarkan pada kebutuhan lokal dari hasil profil sosio-ekonomi, teknik dan kelembagaan atau hasil monitoring dan evaluasi kinerja yang dilakukan secara berkala. 
  • Pemberdayaan dilakukan secara sistematis dan terus menerus oleh unit pemberdayaan di tingkat kabupaten/kota dan di lapangan oleh Kelompok Pemandu Lapangan dan Tenaga Pendamping Petani serta unsur-unsur lain yang terkait dengan bidang irigasi , sesuai kebutuhannya dengan dukungan teknis dan pembiayaan dari pemerintah kabupaten.
  • Kelompok Pemandu Lapangan merupakan unsur pemerintah yang bertugas di lapangan dan berperan untuk mengupayakan pengelolaan dan pengembangan jaringan irigasi tersier oleh JURU Pengairan dan melaksanakan sapta usaha tani oleh Penyuluh Pertanian Lapangan serta menggerakkan petani dalam berorganisasi oleh Kepala Desa.
  • Tenaga Pendamping Petani yang berperan dan berfungsi motivator, mediator dan fasilitator sehingga kebutuhannya bukan untuk seterusnya tetapi maksimum selama 1 tahun sehingga untuk penunjukkan Tenaga Pendamping Petani diwajibkan memiliki persyaratan seperti : Memiliki keahlian di bidang sosio ekonomi pedesaan ( minimal D3 Sosek Pertanian), Memiliki keahlian di bidang irigasi (minimal D3 Teknik Sipil), Memiliki keahlian di bidang kelembagaan dan peraturan perundang - undangan yang terkait dengan irigasi, dipilih sesuai dengan kebutuhan P3A dan ketersediaan dana dari Pemerintah Kabupaten/Kota, harus bersedia tinggal bersama petani selama kontrak.

Hubungan P3A dengan Pemerintah dalam Rangka Pemberdayaan

Hubungan tersebut dalam bentuk :
  • Keterpaduan pengelolaan antara jaringan irigasi tersier dengan jaringan irigasi primer/sekunder sehingga tercipta suatu Daerah Irigasi (DI) yang berada dalam satu pengelolaan dan keberlanjutan sistem irigasi.
  • Peningkatan kemampuan P3A dalam bidang organisasi, teknis dan keuangan sehingga tercipta P3A yang mandiri.
  • Pemberian kesempatan pada P3A untuk melakukan pengembangan dan pengelolaan jaringan irigasi primer/sekunder serta penyiapan lahan.
  • Penyusunan Rencana Tata Tanam Global (RTTG) , alokasi air irigasi, pemberian air irigasi di masing - masing pintu sadap tersier/saluran kuarter.
  • Penyusunan Kebutuhan Nyata Operasn dan Pemeliharaan jaringan irigasi berdasarkan operasi dan pemeliharaan tahunan.
  • Penetapan rencana pengeringan jaringan irigasi.
  • Penyediaan bantuan pemerintah apabila dalam hal P3A tidak mampu melakukan pengembangan dan pengelolaan  irigasi yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya. P3A juga berhak membantu pemerintah dalam melakukan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan Pengelolaan Aset.
  • Pemberian kesempatan pada P3A untuk ambil bagian dalam pemeliharaan jaringan irigasi primer/sekunder dengan memberikan jasa.
  • Penentuan prioritas penggunaan biaya Operasi ,Pemeliharaan dan Rehabilitasi sesuai dengan ketersediaan dana dari Pemerintah Propinsi atau Pemerintah Kabupaten/Kota.
Keterlibatan P3A dalam pengelolaan dan pengembangan jaringan irigasi sesuai tanggung jawabnya sangat membantu pemerintah dalam berbagai hal, terutama dalam hal kemandirian dan peningkatan pengetahuan petani dalam mengelola jaringan irigasi yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya. Harapannya adalah bila petani sudah memahami dan merasa memiliki jaringan irigasi yang menjadi kebutuhan bagi pemenuhan air di Daerah Irigasi pada wilayah kerjanya maka petani akan terus menjaga infrastruktur tersebut dengan kesadarannya dan tidak lagi bergantung pada pemerintah. Hal tersebut akan berdampak pada keberadaan infrastruktur itu sendiri , menjadi aset bersama yang terpelihara dan mampu memberikan pelayanan yang baik bagi jaringan irigasi yang dilaluinya sehingga ketersediaan air dapat optimal melayani kebutuhan para petani.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reminding Park Yong Ha

Some days ago I ever wrote about my interest to South Korea. Where I also wrote about the First Korean Drama I ever watched, Winter Sonata. Beside Bae Young Joon and Choi Ji Woo, that drama also has Park Yong Ha as a co star, where he act as Kim Sang Hyuk, the boy friend of Jang Yoo Jin ( cast by Choi Ji Woo). That Drama made the three of the The Hallyu star. Hallyu Star is a called to Korean Wave in that country.

Recently, he more become so famous because of his suicide news at 30th June 2010. He found hanging at his room at his house in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, hanging from a camcorder charger cable . His mother found him at 5.30 am . The family refused doing the otopsion to Yonna body and claimed that he ended his life because the depresession of his father's stomach cancer at the lates stadium. I was very shock also, when I read that news from I lost one of my favourite Hallyu Star. Where I can find him in his good acting and his melodius voice.

If in his country, Park Yong Ha famous as an actor but in Japan he knows better as a singer. Some albums was released and amazed his fan in Japan. From all of his song I like Cheo-eum Geu Nal-cheo-reom (Just Like The First Day) , All In OST starring by Lee Byung - Hyun and Song Hye Kyo better than other song. I can feel that he is a very cool, calm, and humble person. As in some of local TV station interview he said that he likes people call him as Park Yong Ha, not The Hallyu Star Park Yong Ha. He said that he is only ordinary person that work as an actor.

The news of his suicide has already rock the entertainment industry in South Korea. Many actors and actress didn't believe that he will end his life like this. As his best friend, a korean Actor, Jae Joong got Yong Ha's call a day before he died. Jae Joong still in the USA while got the bed news about his best friend.

Yong Ha's dead also shock all of the crew of "Love Song" drama, where PArk Yong Ha will clash his actong to a beatuiful Korean Actress, Yoon Eun-hye. Filming will be held at August. And PArk Yong Ha already announce to the media that he will be starring new drama "Love Song" with Yoon Eun-hyee, and it was waiting by the fans.

For over 14 years, PArk Yong Ha attack insomnia, that often bothering his consentration during the filming. He already take sleep pilss for 14 years for make him sleep for a while. He wrote on his Twitter web that Insomnia already bothering him much since he was a university student while he have to prepare himself for a drama.

His dedication to film dan korean drama result various awards, both in Japan and Korea. Many actors feels regreat to this korean actor. He is very potensial and still can wide his carrier, neither in singing or acting.

Born in 12th August 1977, Yong Ha started his debute about 15 years ago at MBC drama Theme Theater (1994). He is very kindhearted young man and gather some social work for the poor. He often visit Africa , as he is a goodwill ambasador of social non-proviet organization "Good Neighours" and donated some money to help build a school there. Some of his great fans from Japan, interest donated alot of money for school in Afrcia, as they know PArk Yong Ha did the same thing. The Fans made that school wiht his Name "Yona School" in Africa.

Many fans from all over the world shed a tears for his dead, just like I did. I know he is a good son. He try to respect his father suffer, by his own way. He is very close to his father. He learns music from him too. That is why Park Yong Ha always worried and feeling guilty to his father, as a source tell public that Yong Ha often told his father " I suppose to suffer like this, not you"..

Be rest Park Yong Ha, even I disagree with your way to show devotion to your father, but You never leave my heart for your dedication to Korean Film and Drama as Winter Sonata does in my heart. I no longer can hear your melodious voice.. no longer can see your totally acting. May you Rest in Peace, and hope no longer Korean Actor will choose ending the life like your way.

We will miss you Park Yong Ha...

Profile of PArk Yong Ha

Name : Park Yong Ha (박용하)
Born : 12 August 1977 in Seoul South Korea
Blod : B
Heigt : 176 cm
Weight : 67 kg
Star sign : Leo
Education: Chungang University (Theatre major)
Hobbies: Bass guitar, musical performance and singing

TV Shows

* A Man's Story (KBS2, 2009)
* On Air (SBS, 2008)
* After Love (CS, 2005)
* Tokyo Wankei (Fuji TV, 2004, cameo)
* Loving You (KBS2, 2002)
* Winter Sonata (KBS2, 2002)
* Well Known Woman (SBS, 2001)
* More Than Love (MBC, 2000)
* Snowflakes (KBS2, 2000)


* The Scam (2009)
* Although It is Hateful Again 2002 (2002)
* If It Snows on Christmas (1998)
* Love Me Once Again (2002)
* If It Snows at Christmas (1998)
* Island of Women (1998)

* 2009: 2009 KOFICE(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) Awards
* 2008: 2008 SBS Drama Awards, "Best Actor for Drama Special Section", "Top 10 Stars"
* 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Lead Award - Special Drama (On Air)
* 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award selected by netizens (On Air)
* 2008: 2008 SKY Perfect TV Awards, Japan, "Grand Prix", "Korean Wave(Han-Ryu)"
* 2008: 2008 Mnet 20's Choice, "Hot Global Star"
* 2008: 22nd Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Best Asian Artist"
* 2007: 21st Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Best Asian Artist"
* 2006: 20th Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Song of the Year", "Japan-Korea
Friendship Year 2005 Special Award"
* 2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Bronze


* Dear Love
* I Love You So Much
* Just For Yesterday
* Park Yong Ha I Miss You Very Much

Japan releases

* 2004 期別 (kibyol) #7
* 2004 フィクション(Fiction) #9
* 2005 サムタイム(Sometime) #13
* 2006 Will Be There #7
* 2007 プレゼント(Present)#18
* 2008 Love #24
* 2009 Once in a Summer #14
* 2010 Stars #16


* 2003 처음 그날처럼 (Like the First Day)
* 2004 カジマセヨ (Kajimaseyo) #10
* 2005 Truth/ほほえみをあげよう(Hohoemiwoageyou) #7
* 2006 君が最高! (Kimigasaikou) #6
* 2007 僕の頁をめくれば (Bokunopagewomekureba) #12
* 2007 永遠 (Eien) #6
* 2008 Behind love~片思い #7
* 2008 Say Goodbye #14
* 2009 '最愛のひと (Saiai no hito) #11
* 2010 'One Love #17

-- SOURCE --
and other source

Monday, July 5, 2010

Present for My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Since this day, I am become 34 years old.
As every single of my day, I fill it with pray and hope. But today, since last night there is one pray that I really expect God to make it to be true.

I really hope God listen to this pray...

Dear God,
Please wep my tears all the way. Make me stronger than I was yesterday. Please make me as the precious things of my kids' life. That ever of us can feel the heart beat of each other. Do not ever leave me in sadness, the emptiness and my sorrow. Please confince me that there are my little angles wait for me always. That I dont need those tears, no more. La Tahzan.. please wep my tears all the way..

As my hope, I really want my children grow up and be good person. They could choose what life they want to do, but still responsible to their life. I want they will always love me, not only in the words but also lies in their heart. They are very important life for me. Please make them strong, tough and belive what their heart say. Very confident to be good person. Let them always lay in my heart, when everybody leave me for a reason, but they still very loyal for me. There is no other the pray I wanna ask mostly then for the happiness for my kids.

I hope you will make my pray come true. Thank you for listening me , God. This is I called my Birthday Present, at my age of 34.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Letter for My Children

Dear My Children,

What I will write here is because I wanna let you know about how I feel about you.
About the love, carrying, devotion, and my great attention that I never told you before. For now, you are still kids. I believe while you are grown up, you can read this and understand how wonderful the love of a mother is.

I always be proud of you. There is some special feeling at the moment I have to told other people about you. About your progress, about your cheerfull, your funny statements or even your naughtiness that often made me worried. I am always excited while telling them about the detil of your life.

One day you will know, how big a mother's sacrifation for making her babies happy. She will offer her life for those happiness, I can guarantee that..

If only the wind can help me for whispering the message to your ear, it will tell you about my world that I always want to present it to you. That a half of my life is in yours. That my love for you doesnt care about seasons, time and distance. It is everywhere. It is the air you breathe. It is the blood that lies on your body.

My dear,
Be anything you want. Dont ever think I will never agree to the road you've already chosen . Be an expert to the that road. Do the best you can do. I never ask you for something that you can't. But love what you already decide for life. Because I never keep my distance with you, even if you ask me to. I always wanna be around, even only in your heart.

My life will never be enough without you. For many reason I am alive, it would not so bright as you give me shine. If I have 2 wings, I would fly to heaven, and spread the happy news about the way you are exist for me.

I know my hands could never write any beautiful words in this world without you fill my heart. Even for the sorrow things I have met. You always be the best for me. Exchanging the weakness become a great power.

I know I am not the perfect mother as you excpet me to be. But during the sound that rhyme my heart, it always beat about your name. You are my heart. You are the rhyme of my life. Who fill my soul with the most beautiful song ever.

Let me be the most unerase name from your heart. Let me be the one who write that name on your heart. I always listen to what you say. For your sorrow and happiness and if none will hear you, I will be the one who cares. These hands will never be function optimally without for touching your hair, letting you sleep down on my laluby as you always did it at time you were a baby.

My pray will never stop running from my mouth. For every detil moment that pass you bye. For every activities you make. For every place you be around. Only by praying I could present you the best thing in this world. For keeping you always for each unreachable place from me. That will make me so save. Lettng you grown up and being a mature person.

May God always give me time for wathcing the precious moment of your life. Starring at your face when you meet your happiness and the important time of your life. I wish..

Keeping pray child, always pray because God always listens to what we say. God never sleeps. And always give us the best time to approve our pray. May you always be a tough person, useful person, and brave to challange anything that possible come to your life. And prayer will make you so. Anad I will help you trough my pray for night and day I was sent .

May Allah SWT always listen to a mother's pray.

Lampung, 3rd June 2010