Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Story of Orang Utans ( A Summary)

Maybe for some people, the article I write this time is not so attractive than what I did before.  But in the proccess of writing it, I feel some different things that I meet from my previous note.  It because  this article reflect the love and admiration from my deepest heart. Yeah.... a love and devotion from a mother to her daughter. Where I try to answer the questions of interest and curiosity of  the life of orangutans and their ecosystem from a little girl aged seven years old who almost everyday asked me for this matter. She is only seven years old, but her heart has been touched by the love and passion to learn more about orangutans. As her mother, I can feel the enthusiasm  that reflect from her face everytime we make a discussion about this primates.

Frankly, I never know any information about this mammals further. But because of her, I strive hardly to find the answer to all questions that oftenly comes from her tiny mouth and for the enthusiasme that shine along her face. It finally encourage me to make this article from a summary of the various information I already noted and some discussion with a friend who involve to orangutans conservation works. May this article will help people who needs the same information.