Keep Your Hands Writing

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keep Your Hands Writing

Great authors usually try to vent the expression to be able to find its distinctive strengths. Himself willing to compromise on a common standard the world of writing, considering the interest of readers to produce work that is clear, explorative, and strong.
( Anwar Holid, from books "Keep Your Hand Moving")

Have you ever felt that seemed your hands don't want to stop writing? When the ideas comes across your head, seem it doesn't want to be stopped. It flow like a river. But sometimes it locked when you need the open mind to spread out the ideas. That is what mostly writters do. When desire of writing come, you can not handle it, can not stop it.

How to keep the idea?

Great writers usually try to vent the expression to be able to find its distinctive strengths. Himself willing to compromise on a common standard the world of writing, considering the interest of readers to produce work that is clear, explorative, strong.The other half of writing is reading. If you want to write, then read alot of books but lately tell your own story.  All readers wants is to know the author better. No one cares that much wheter you write it or not , just write because you want to. Hemingway said that you have to willing to give it as long as it takes. You fit into it. It doesn't fit neatly into your life. But it makes you wild.

Our "silly mind" says we can't write, we 're no good, we're failures , fools for even picking up the pen. And the worse things is we listen to it. We drift and get tossed it away. Meanwhile the wild mind surrounds us, sink into the big sky and write from there. Let everything trough us and grab as much as we can of it with a pen, papper of computer. This is all about of loosing control.  "Silly Mind" scrambles for territory : " You are a bad writer, boring, stupid and incompetent". You don't know what you wrote until a few weeks later when you have some distance. Just turn around and catch the goodness in yourself.

Just keep your hand moving, Be lost control,  Be specific, Don't ever - get below discurcive thought to the place where your mind is original and fresh. Dont worry about grammar , puctuation. Just write what you want to write. Go for the jugular.

A way to develop your writing skills and free your self up is to engaged in 10 minutes "writing practice"session using the above guidlines. Some examples of starter thoughts for these 10 minutes sessions : I am thinking of.. I am not thinking of... I know .. I don't know ...I am.. I am not..I want..I don't want... I feel .. I don't feel.

Find a sentences that you like comes from you. Feel it integrity. Just lay down the next line and the next one line at a time. Let the structure unfold. Do it slowly and carefully. Take a subject that's hard for you to write about, then write it slowly, evenly and in measure way. Continue work on it everyday until it finished.

Write everyday for ten day in a row. Do not reread it until 2 weeks later. Then read with the soft heart. Underline the sentence that stand out and use them as first lines for the future practice. Develop not by editing but by re-entering the writing practice. Be brave, let some good writing go. Writing is the crack trough which u crawl into your wild mind.

Make a writing schedule for a weak and stick to it. Let anybody read your writing. Writing is an democratic act.  Let another give their opinion about your writing.

If you find yourself killing an inspiration by reworking , give it up because another will come. When you get a flash abandon the idea and let it flow. Do not ever try to control it.

Be honest on your writing but not sentimental. Try to write from different angel such as a dog 's view, your uncle's view . Apply what you know to your writing. Do that dicipline first, then launch into writing. After that try the opposite. When you woke up and before you go to sleep, saya " I am a writer".

Sit down with a plan to write something you have always want to write and write it troug, no matter how long it takes . You also need to make a contact to a writer even doesn't have to be published . Attending a writer workshop also helps you to improve your skills. Seek out the people who loves writing and gathering them.

List five abstract statements. Back each one up with at least a pharagraph of solid, concrete details. Now switch , start with details and then leap into a cosmic statement. Always note that the essential ingrediants of writing is laziness. Just stop. Don't go anyplace else. Lie around for the rest of the day. After you're cleared , your desire will up.  Remember that you will not be trying to prove yourself . Put a side a day a month to do nothing. At the end of the day sidle over your note book but only if you feel like it , then write.

Finally, may all tips I resume for you from some experts will be benefit to support your writing desire. Just write what you like to write, and stop whenever you get bored about it. Do not ever try to controle the desire. Let it runs naturally, so you can write honestly but non sentimental.

 So Let's keep our hands writing !!

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