The Angel of The Heart

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Angel of The Heart

You offer me wings, when mine is broken
You give me hands , when others is hidding theirs
You give me  sweetest smile, when others are angry
You give me hug, when others ignore me
You show me the rainbow over my head,
You show me the beauty that I never know before
In every step you make, you oftenly amaze me
You  sing the most melodious song for me
Remind me how beautiful my life is

You give me beliefs that I can do anything as long as you are around
You never asked me the love that I would give to you
You never expect that I have to understand your sincere smile and heart

You just enter my heart when I need it
You know when the right time to touch my deepest soul
You give me protection wheter I am right or wrong
Trough your little finger that likes touch my hair, my nose, and my cheek
My tears are falling... How means to me ur touching is
If all words in this words are exist
I believe it never substitute to the greatest love you present me 
I do belive that I am one of the lucky person in the world
That I have you in my life, the powerfull strenght for me to stand
Voices the honesty at the right time
Be your proudness

The last but not least,
I am so thankful to God , That make me the choosen one
To let me live with you, and raise you up
And grows as the blossoms in spring time
I always proud  saying this to the world...
That I am proud being your mom....

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