Reminding Park Yong Ha

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reminding Park Yong Ha

Some days ago I ever wrote about my interest to South Korea. Where I also wrote about the First Korean Drama I ever watched, Winter Sonata. Beside Bae Young Joon and Choi Ji Woo, that drama also has Park Yong Ha as a co star, where he act as Kim Sang Hyuk, the boy friend of Jang Yoo Jin ( cast by Choi Ji Woo). That Drama made the three of the The Hallyu star. Hallyu Star is a called to Korean Wave in that country.

Recently, he more become so famous because of his suicide news at 30th June 2010. He found hanging at his room at his house in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, hanging from a camcorder charger cable . His mother found him at 5.30 am . The family refused doing the otopsion to Yonna body and claimed that he ended his life because the depresession of his father's stomach cancer at the lates stadium. I was very shock also, when I read that news from I lost one of my favourite Hallyu Star. Where I can find him in his good acting and his melodius voice.

If in his country, Park Yong Ha famous as an actor but in Japan he knows better as a singer. Some albums was released and amazed his fan in Japan. From all of his song I like Cheo-eum Geu Nal-cheo-reom (Just Like The First Day) , All In OST starring by Lee Byung - Hyun and Song Hye Kyo better than other song. I can feel that he is a very cool, calm, and humble person. As in some of local TV station interview he said that he likes people call him as Park Yong Ha, not The Hallyu Star Park Yong Ha. He said that he is only ordinary person that work as an actor.

The news of his suicide has already rock the entertainment industry in South Korea. Many actors and actress didn't believe that he will end his life like this. As his best friend, a korean Actor, Jae Joong got Yong Ha's call a day before he died. Jae Joong still in the USA while got the bed news about his best friend.

Yong Ha's dead also shock all of the crew of "Love Song" drama, where PArk Yong Ha will clash his actong to a beatuiful Korean Actress, Yoon Eun-hye. Filming will be held at August. And PArk Yong Ha already announce to the media that he will be starring new drama "Love Song" with Yoon Eun-hyee, and it was waiting by the fans.

For over 14 years, PArk Yong Ha attack insomnia, that often bothering his consentration during the filming. He already take sleep pilss for 14 years for make him sleep for a while. He wrote on his Twitter web that Insomnia already bothering him much since he was a university student while he have to prepare himself for a drama.

His dedication to film dan korean drama result various awards, both in Japan and Korea. Many actors feels regreat to this korean actor. He is very potensial and still can wide his carrier, neither in singing or acting.

Born in 12th August 1977, Yong Ha started his debute about 15 years ago at MBC drama Theme Theater (1994). He is very kindhearted young man and gather some social work for the poor. He often visit Africa , as he is a goodwill ambasador of social non-proviet organization "Good Neighours" and donated some money to help build a school there. Some of his great fans from Japan, interest donated alot of money for school in Afrcia, as they know PArk Yong Ha did the same thing. The Fans made that school wiht his Name "Yona School" in Africa.

Many fans from all over the world shed a tears for his dead, just like I did. I know he is a good son. He try to respect his father suffer, by his own way. He is very close to his father. He learns music from him too. That is why Park Yong Ha always worried and feeling guilty to his father, as a source tell public that Yong Ha often told his father " I suppose to suffer like this, not you"..

Be rest Park Yong Ha, even I disagree with your way to show devotion to your father, but You never leave my heart for your dedication to Korean Film and Drama as Winter Sonata does in my heart. I no longer can hear your melodious voice.. no longer can see your totally acting. May you Rest in Peace, and hope no longer Korean Actor will choose ending the life like your way.

We will miss you Park Yong Ha...

Profile of PArk Yong Ha

Name : Park Yong Ha (박용하)
Born : 12 August 1977 in Seoul South Korea
Blod : B
Heigt : 176 cm
Weight : 67 kg
Star sign : Leo
Education: Chungang University (Theatre major)
Hobbies: Bass guitar, musical performance and singing

TV Shows

* A Man's Story (KBS2, 2009)
* On Air (SBS, 2008)
* After Love (CS, 2005)
* Tokyo Wankei (Fuji TV, 2004, cameo)
* Loving You (KBS2, 2002)
* Winter Sonata (KBS2, 2002)
* Well Known Woman (SBS, 2001)
* More Than Love (MBC, 2000)
* Snowflakes (KBS2, 2000)


* The Scam (2009)
* Although It is Hateful Again 2002 (2002)
* If It Snows on Christmas (1998)
* Love Me Once Again (2002)
* If It Snows at Christmas (1998)
* Island of Women (1998)

* 2009: 2009 KOFICE(Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange) Awards
* 2008: 2008 SBS Drama Awards, "Best Actor for Drama Special Section", "Top 10 Stars"
* 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Male Lead Award - Special Drama (On Air)
* 2008 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Popularity Award selected by netizens (On Air)
* 2008: 2008 SKY Perfect TV Awards, Japan, "Grand Prix", "Korean Wave(Han-Ryu)"
* 2008: 2008 Mnet 20's Choice, "Hot Global Star"
* 2008: 22nd Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Best Asian Artist"
* 2007: 21st Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Best Asian Artist"
* 2006: 20th Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Song of the Year", "Japan-Korea
Friendship Year 2005 Special Award"
* 2002 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Bronze


* Dear Love
* I Love You So Much
* Just For Yesterday
* Park Yong Ha I Miss You Very Much

Japan releases

* 2004 期別 (kibyol) #7
* 2004 フィクション(Fiction) #9
* 2005 サムタイム(Sometime) #13
* 2006 Will Be There #7
* 2007 プレゼント(Present)#18
* 2008 Love #24
* 2009 Once in a Summer #14
* 2010 Stars #16


* 2003 처음 그날처럼 (Like the First Day)
* 2004 カジマセヨ (Kajimaseyo) #10
* 2005 Truth/ほほえみをあげよう(Hohoemiwoageyou) #7
* 2006 君が最高! (Kimigasaikou) #6
* 2007 僕の頁をめくれば (Bokunopagewomekureba) #12
* 2007 永遠 (Eien) #6
* 2008 Behind love~片思い #7
* 2008 Say Goodbye #14
* 2009 '最愛のひと (Saiai no hito) #11
* 2010 'One Love #17

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