Great Khafilah Ummar bin Khattab and His Role Model Stories

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Khafilah Ummar bin Khattab and His Role Model Stories

Full name Umar bin Abdul Uzza bin Nafiel, born in Mecca, the Banu Adi, one of the family of Quraish tribe. His father named Khaththab bin Nufail Al Shimh Al Quraisyi and his mother Hantamah binti Hashim. 
Omar was a nickname given by Muhammad, Al-Faruq, which means people who can distinguish between truth and false. Umar's family-owned middle-class family, he could read and write at the time was something rare. Umar, also known as a strong physical where he was a champion wrestler in Mecca. 
Before embracing Islam, as is the tradition of mecca stupid at the time, Omar buried her daughter alive. As he says himself, "I cried when digging the grave for my daughter He developed. And then comb the beard". Drunkenness is also common among the Quraysh. Some accounts say that the pre-Islam, Umar liked to drink wine. After becoming a Muslim, he's not happy.
When the invitation to Islam was declared by the Prophet Muhammad, Umar took up positions to defend the traditional religion of the Quraysh (idol worship). At that time Omar was one of a very loud message of Islam and its adherents are often tortured. It is said that at one point, Umar decided to kill Muhammad. When searching, he met a Muslim (Nu'aim bin Abdullah), who later told me that her sister also had embraced Islam. Umar was shocked upon notification and return to his home. In Omar's house to find that his sister read the verses of the Holy Qur'an (Thoha letter), he became angry about it and hit his brother. When he saw his brother bled by the blows he became a darling, and then requested that the reading is can he seen. He then became very shocked by the contents of the Qur'an and then immediately embraced Islam on the same day
Omar was the one who took part in the event migrated to Yathrib (Madinah) in 622 AD. He was involved in the battle of Badr, Uhud, Khaybar, and the attack on Syria. He is one very close friend of the Prophet Muhammad SAW In the year 625, his daughter (Hafsah) married to the Prophet Muhammad.
Umar and The Death of Prophet Muhammad 
After the pain within a few weeks, the Prophet Muhammad died on Monday, June 8 632 (12 Rabi `Early, 10 Hijri), in Medina. Funeral preparations inhibited by Umar who forbade anyone bathing or preparing her body for burial. He asserted that the Prophet did not die but not in the gross body, and will be back any time. (Hayatu Muhammad, M Husain Haikal) Abu Bakr who happened to be outside the Medina, to hear the news and then hurried back. Omar was arrested, he found a Muslim and then say. "Gentlemen! If anyone wants to worship Muhammad, Muhammad is dead, but anyone want to worship God, God is always alive never die .." Abu Bakr then recited the verses from the Qur'an:

"Muhammad is a messenger, had passed before some of the apostles What if he dies or is killed, will you turn back on your heels (as disbelievers).? Those who returned, then he can not bring harm to Allah at all, and God will reward those who grateful "(Surah Ali Imran ayah  144) .
Umar then gave up and let the burial preparations undertaken.
Being Khalifah
During the reign of Umar, the rule of Islam is growing very rapidly. Islam took over Mesopotamia and Persia from the hands of some Persian Sassanid dynasty (which ended the Sassanid empire) and took over Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa and Armenia from the Roman Empire (Byzantium).
History records many great battle that became the beginning of this conquest. In the battle of Yarmuk, which took place near Damascus in 636, 20 thousand Muslim troops defeated the Roman troops who reached 70 thousand and an end to Roman rule in southern Asia Minor.

Other Islamic forces in small amounts to get the victory over Persian forces in greater numbers in the battle Qadisiyyah (636 th), near the river Euphrates. In that battle, namely the Islamic army generals Sa `ad ibn Abi Waqqas defeated Sassanid troops and managed to kill the famous Persian general, Rustam Farrukhzad.
In the year 637, after a long siege of Jerusalem, the Muslims finally take over the city. Omar is given a key to enter the city by the pastor Sophronius and invited to pray at the church (Church of the Holy Sepulchre). Umar chose to worship elsewhere so as not to endanger the church. 55 years later, the Mosque of Omar to establish where he prayed.
Omar did a lot of administrative reform and the control of the close of public policy, including building an administrative system for the newly conquered areas. He also ordered the convening of the census throughout the Islamic region. Year 638, he was ordered to expand and renovate the Grand Mosque in Makkah and Prophet Mosque in Medina. He also began the process of codification of Islamic law.
Omar is known from simple lifestyle, rather than adopting the lifestyle and appearance of the rulers at that time, he remained very simple life. In about the year to 17 Hijri, in the fourth year kekhalifahannya, Omar decided that the Islamic calendar should begin to be calculated when the show moved.
The Death of Ummar bin Khattab

Umar ibn Khattab was killed by Abu Lukluk (Fairuz), a slave at the time he will lead the Fajr prayer. Fairuz is one citizen who converted to Islam after the conquest of Persia Persian Omar. The murder was allegedly a personal vendetta against the background of Abu Lukluk (Fairuz) against Omar. Fairuz felt hurt over the defeat of Persia, who was then state Digdaya, by Umar. This incident occurred on Wednesday, 25 Dhu al-Hijjah 23 H/644 AD After his death the position held by the caliph Uthman ibn Affan in. Omar is still alive for Omar left a will that is:
  1. If you find a spot to someone and you want rebuked him, rebuked yourself. Because your word more of it. 
  2. If you are against somebody, then against your stomach first. Since there is no more dangerous enemy to you than the stomach. 
  3. If you want to praise someone, thank God Almighty. Because no one is more than giving you a more polite and tender to you but to God Almighty. 
  4. If you want to leave something to leave the joys of the world. Because if you leave it, then you are worthy of praise. 
  5. When you are ready to something bersiplah die. Because if you're not ready to die, you will suffer loss and repentance. 
  6. If you want to claim the claim  afterlife. Because you don't get it, looking at it
 The Role Model History of Ummar bin Khattab

One day the Caliph Umar ibn sent Jutsamah ra Musahiq Al-Kinani to deliver a letter to the Emperor Romanic Helaclius, when Jutsamah will depart, Umm Kulthum bint Ali bin Abi Talib Caliph Umar ibn Al-wife with his brother Ali Hussain ra entrust a letter to the emperor empress named Martina, in addition to the letter Umm Kulsum also entrust a cup of glass which contains the perfume as a gift to the empress.

Jutsaimah Konstantiniyah goes to town, after arriving there he met the emperor Heraclius and convey the Caliph Omar and was also handed a letter containing glass perfume from the Caliph's wife to the empress, as requested by the wife of the Caliph, Jutsamah translate the contents of a letter to the empress as follows:

From Umm Kulsum, wife of Amir al-Mu `Umar Minin For Martina, 
the Roman emperor Heraclius permasuri Peace to you .. 
I invite you to achieve happiness in the world and the hereafter, my sister, you go to Islam,
if you convert to Islam, your husband will follow you and your people will also be converted to Islam because of the rewards you will get prizes of thousands of people who receive guidance. .

Hearing the contents of the letter, the empress was impressed. He said: "I received a gift of a glass of this perfume, but I refused the invitation to Islam, I stick to my religion." Last Martina entrusting a very expensive diamond necklace as a gift to Umm Kulthum. Jutsamah back to Medina, the necklace he gave to Al-Husayn jewel to give to her sister Umm Kulthum, Umm Kulthum how they will be pleased with the gift of the emperor's consort. But then the Caliph 'Umar saw diamond necklace and asked where he acquired it. Umm Kulthum, also explain the origin of the necklace.

 Hearing the explanation from his wife, the Caliph Umar said: "necklace is the right of the Muslims, because the necklace to be submitted to the Baitul Maal" Caliph Umar Umm Kulthum Speech angered, he said: "I do not want to talk anymore with you forever" Caliph went to the mosque told the muezzin to call Muslims, after they gathered the Caliph rose to the pulpit and told his wife's affair necklace Accepted for the Muslims, the Caliph said: "necklace must be returned to the Baitul Maal, Umm Kulthum was not entitled to receive it, he obtained it because he is wife `Amir al-Mu Minin" Those Muslims who were present said: "We are very pleased to Umm Kulthum necklace, necklaces let into his Mu` Yes Amiral Minin "

Khalifah went home, he asked his wife: "Are you still mad at me, I have consulted to` Muslims in mosques on this necklace, they agree and accept the necklace be yours, but if you memyerahkannya to the Baitul Maal, all the better "story about the necklace until well as to the Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ra father Umm Kulthum. After returning from a trip permit meminnta Imam Ali to meet with the Caliph Umar, the Caliph who greeted him and said: "Ahlan ya Abal Hasan, please sign .." Imam Ali's greeting to his daughter, Umm Kulthum, also kissed the hand of his father. Imam Ali said: "Where is the necklace, my daughter?" And Umm Kulthum to show it, saying: "here, it is, father.."

Imam Ali said: "Hi, my daughter did not deserve this necklace worn by the family of the Prophet and the family was also the Caliph Umar, the necklace was worth only worn by royal families or Kisra, you do not like other women, you were my daughter Fatima` Prophet's grandson, you is my son, the wife of Caliph Omar, the leader of the Muslims, better for you when people say, "her husband has menzaliminya for the Muslims of them said:" menzalimi husband of the Muslims for the sake of "his wife, please consider what would you choose, if you will choosing God and afterlife of pleasure or choose this necklace, my daughter? "

Umm Kulthum said: " I would choose God and the afterlife, please take this necklace father and submit to Baitul Maal " .... Subhanallaah Imam Ali said: Allah " bless you, my daughter ... " witnessed the incident Khalifah Umar RA said loudly : " really , The Good Offspring derived from The Good Families too… "

Here's one story of Role Model from Ummar bin Khattab. Hopefully, this paper provides many benefits for the reader and may Allah Almighty always gives us many blessings which to practice their religion properly and correctly. 

If we love Islam, then love The Prophet Muhammad and his companions and give much for their intercession. Hopefully God will forgive our sins. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

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