Present for My Birthday

Monday, July 5, 2010

Present for My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Since this day, I am become 34 years old.
As every single of my day, I fill it with pray and hope. But today, since last night there is one pray that I really expect God to make it to be true.

I really hope God listen to this pray...

Dear God,
Please wep my tears all the way. Make me stronger than I was yesterday. Please make me as the precious things of my kids' life. That ever of us can feel the heart beat of each other. Do not ever leave me in sadness, the emptiness and my sorrow. Please confince me that there are my little angles wait for me always. That I dont need those tears, no more. La Tahzan.. please wep my tears all the way..

As my hope, I really want my children grow up and be good person. They could choose what life they want to do, but still responsible to their life. I want they will always love me, not only in the words but also lies in their heart. They are very important life for me. Please make them strong, tough and belive what their heart say. Very confident to be good person. Let them always lay in my heart, when everybody leave me for a reason, but they still very loyal for me. There is no other the pray I wanna ask mostly then for the happiness for my kids.

I hope you will make my pray come true. Thank you for listening me , God. This is I called my Birthday Present, at my age of 34.

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