Me and My Expectation...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me and My Expectation...

As we know in this life we can't always get what we want. But that is the time God, Alloh SWT shows us the best in our life..What we think the best for us, but not in God's eyes..

Since young, I like studying very much. But I never dream lately i can come this far. Got the scholarship from Public Work Departmen, and find alot of experience meeting great people in my life, that is the most important..

Reflect from my parents, I liked being a lecturer at the first time. But my life open the chanche for me to apply my education by the place where I belong right now. As a government officer that concentrate to infrastructure field , I have to combine both between the brain and my physic. This is the man's place. That is why I have to work at least the same as the man do and push me tough in spirit maintain the short term for better work. Very hard work. But that is my life now. Even I know, right now I still havent done many to the place I work, yet. But I really want to contribute my abbility to my country, as civil engineer must do to their country.

My work make me close to the farmer. As Indonesia is an agrarist country and expect great amount from the rice field. I learn them how important the PArticipatory Irrigation. Need their participation for make better irrigation in this country. It open my eyes that they supported much to this country. But sometimes they dont get enough attention from the government. It is challangging work. Helping them serving good irrigation, and knowing them far. Even I have to come to the rice field oven time to meet them not in formal meeting. But thanks God, I love and enjoy this work.

Working person and a mother for my kids. Hard enough. That is the time I know how I should be perfect in their eyes. Trying my best maintain their need. I wish i could be a home mother for them. Not working around, leave them for working. If my friend told me i am the lucky one because I am working mother, I answer that they are completely wrong. I never think this far. At the young age I ever think about being non working mother. So I can focuse my life taking care of them. But once again, that is just a wish.

After finishing my postgraduate study, I really want to make another progress. Wanna reach the higher education. I dont know why I really wanna reach Ph.d. Some people say that no need for me to reach that. But it's not like self satisfaction, but more about what I would do after that. Wanna present something different to this country. But it's only a wish. I just can hope, God listen to what I pray.

I like making friendship. I believe if we have many friends it will keep us alive. Just like Propet Muhammad SAW says " Silaturahim can keep us alive" (Hadist Riwayat Buchori Muslim). I have alot of friends from all over the world. I like doing this cos it help me open my view about anything that i dont know in this life. The more different profession they have, the more make my eyes open wide that actually I still dont know much about this world.

I wanna be a usefull person. Bring benefit to others. As the propet Muhammad SAW, said : "That the better man in this world is the one who always bring benefit to others". I wanna keep the propets said in my whole life time. I wanna be better man as He said. To be more emphatic to other people is always I want.

During my life time I always meet great and kind hearted people. They are inspired me much. One of a friend told me, "You will meet the kind people in your life, because you are so kind to them too.It's naturaly sist, if many people was so kind to you" It make me learn about the words for any minute. Try to find it on the books. Is it true? that we will be served kindness from others if we are also kind to them? For now on..I believe that words. Many miracles i found in friendship. I was helped very much from those guys. I dont want to forget the miracle I found from each of my friends. They encourage me much, support me and always listen what I said even we are very far apart. They are my inspiration in life. I learn much from their life without they know at all.

Always want to be better each day. That's what I want to do in my life. Not easy thing, I know. But at least I am trying. I have to learn much. For make what I am dreaming of to be true. As wise man said that the life began from our dream. From dream we know what we have to reach. Even its very far away upon the sky. I wish I could ...

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