The Light I call : Nisa and Syauqi

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Light I call : Nisa and Syauqi

If you have child you will know how they are so meant to your life. That your own life no longer important better than theirs. That is what I feel about them right now. How I can feel that they could ease my pain and sorrow by only showing their nice smile to me. Suddenly, all of the misery of mine will go only in a few minute.

They are the light of my life. Yes, it is. Nothing could change with others bright light. The only things I know, that their light is the only guidence to reach my end of time. I will gain anything for them. For having the light always be bright as I expected.

I love the way they love me. Even sometimes, they do the things that make me upset and bit angger, I still believe on them. I seem me on their body. Cos my blood is on their blood.

I can always remember, how they smelt. If I close my eyes, I can recognize which one is Nisa and also with Syauqi. Their smelt make me drunk, drunk of their love. That they never ask me much, better than my love. They always understand me, anyhow, anytime, anyplace.

Make me always being strong , dear. No matter how much I have to bet my life. I will give it all, my everything to find happiness for all of you. I believe I can, as long as you always here, with me..

With so much love,

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