The Friendly beauty, Lombok Island

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Friendly beauty, Lombok Island

How happy I was, while knew I will got duty from my office to visit Lombok. The letter of duty order, ticket and money is in my hand, it means that I am ready to go. The duty takes five days in Mataram, the capitol of Nusa Tenggara Barat province. In the letter I will get served on Lombok Raya Hotel located on Jalan Panca Usaha Number 11, Mataram. There are 2 other people with me and We were thinking, in five days we have to spare time visiting some place that the famous from this Island.

Finally the day is come. From Raden Inten II Airport I make first flight from Lampung to Jakarta by using Sriwijaya Air. Just take about 35 minutes then I arrive to Jakarta. At that time there was no connecting flight from Bandar Lampung to Mataram. So after arrived at Soekarno – Hatta airport in Cengkareng, I have to take other flight to continue my trip. I still remember that the plane take of at 4.30 pm WIB from Jakarta. From Jakarta we still have to transit in Surabaya for about 30 minutes, then for other 45 minute I was arrived in Selaparang Airport, Ampenan. My watch showed that it is 7.30 pm WITA, Indonesia’s Middle Part time.
As my arriving in Lombok Island, I plan to spare at least one day to explore Lombok. My planning is working. With fast working I finish my duty for four days and the rest is travelling before I leave. I try to write my experience for one day travelling in Lombok Island to all readers. Here goes my story…

With guidance of a friend from West Lombok Regency, The first place I visit is Narmada Garden that located in Lembuah Village, West Lombok District about 10 km to the west from Mataram. It build in 1727 by a King of Mataram, Anak Agung Ngurah Karang Asem. At the era of a Kingdom in Mataram this place was used as resting place for the whole family at the dry season.

Narmada’s name was found from Narmadanadi, it’s a river brach of the holly Gangga River in India. For Hindu people, water is a holly symbol that giving lifes to all creature in this world. There is a water source in Narmada garden that according to people’s beliefe this water could bring a good life , ever lasting life to people who touch and wash the water to the face and other part of body such as hands , feeth and leg. A little temple also found inside the garden where the water source is exist.

Some renovation has been done to this place to keep this Garden stay at the first time It construct. This Garden consists of The main Gate, Jabalkap, the twins lake, gapura gelang/paduraksa (the little gate), mukedes, padma lake, balai loji , pura terang ( the light temple, patandaan, sakap building, bacingah building, Kelasa Temple) and Lingsar Temple. Int this place, we also can find the watering place (Balai Petirtaan) where the water comes from the water source of Mount Rinjani, the great Mount in Lombok. It is the meeting point of three water source that is Suranadi, Lingsar and Narmada. Water in this place named as the holly water can keep our body stay younger if we drink it and also wash to our face with it.
The next trip was Pure Lingsar (Lingsar Temple). It located not too far from Narmada Garden. Its about 15 kms from Mataram, that was built at the age of Anak Agung Ngurah from Karangasem Kingdom who was a King in West Lombok.

This Temple consists of 4 parts of the building, that is Pura Gaduh / Gaduh Temple, Kemaliq, Pesiraman , pesimpangan Bhatara Bagus Balian, and Lingsar Wulon. Each of Gaduh Temple, Kemaliq and Pesiraman in only separated by a wall . Every Pujawali event, Hindu People come to this place to give respectfull to Ida Bharata Birthday as a tradition.

Some of Moslem Sasak People use Kemaliq , the part building of this temple for doing Prayer. They do it as routinity among some other religion in Lombok.
Every visitors who come to Temple in Lombok have to use “selendang” a little fabrique that put it on our weist to respect the holiness of the temple. I also used selendang before enter the temple.

While entered The Temple, I can see some arthistic building around . I also found the big pool that has very clear water inside and found that there is a big Tuna fish inside the drainage that it will come if we put some boil eggs around it. The keeper said that the fish only found in this temple in the whole Lombok Island. He also add that in people beliefs if visitors can meet it during the visit, we will have good luck in life. Believe it or not.. But I meet it while coming there.
At the time I came to Lingsar Temple, I saw some people pray on the temple and at the end of the prayer, they trough the coins and turn the body around and make a wish. According to the keeper, usually people come to ask Dewa or Goddies to help them in their activity such as merchandiser, farmer and others.

At this Temple Hindu People and some Moslem Sasaknesse usually do traditional celebration named Pujawali. It was held every Purnamaning Sasih Kanem or the old Sasaknesse calendar. Usually the time is on December for every year.
Actually, in other place Pujawali only celebrated by Hindu People. But at this Temple the Pujawalu tradition usually follow by “Perang Topat” or Ketupat War. Ketupat is one of Sasak traditional food that made from rice and packed with the coconout leaves. Perang Topat is an old tradition that is dominated by sasaknesse, the origin of Lombok People together with Bali Descent People that already live side by side in Lombok Island. This war is being a part of Pujawali celebration. It means No Pujawali then No Perang Topat.

Before the War is started, Hindu People have to do tradition Ngelungsur Amertha, which people have to walk around the Puwadaksina as the Prayer place. This Tradition is done in Kemali Temple. Some of the participants is The Old Figure from Sasaknesse , and both of Sasaknesse and Balinesse.
They walked around into Kemaliq . The dance group of Batek dance as traditional dance that describe the old Dutch Soldier including with arm performs with Gendang Beleq, Sasak traditional drum .

Purwadaksina has to be done in several times. After It done, they have to put prayer propherties in to Kemaliq Temple. This procession was lead by a leader called, pemangku from Sasaknesse. The war start about 5 PM or at time of Roro Kembang Waru (at time when the spring of waru’s flower) . This war use “Ketupat” as weapon where they can battle the enemies by trough the Ketupat.

At the end of the war, people bring Ketupat home. They believe that it could bring prosperity to the rice-field, so farmer put tho hope by this ketupat. The War is forbidden to the period woman. During the war, traditional drumb (kul-kul) is sounded. Then Ketupat is conquested. The unused Ketupat can’t be bring home. People only can bring the ketupat that already used as a weapon. In the messy shape, they believe it could bring blessed to their field-rice and also the irrigation system.
At Lingsar Temple, we also can find a traditional culliner of Sasaknesse. Not Far from the Temple, there are some Sate Bulayak Seller. Sate Bulayak is one of Sasak’s Traditional Food. Just like the others Sate in Indonesia, Sate Bulayak was made by Cow Meat and cut in small size then stick in to a pan of lidi palm-leaf rib. We have to add the nut sauce among it. People usually eat this sate with kind of Rice that made.

After finished our lunch, we plan to go to Sekar Bella the place of pearl merchant. As we know that Lombok is famous as a pearl industry. The pearl consist of sea pearl and land pearl with cheaper price than sea pearl. We can find many shape of the pearl that most of them use as finery.. In this place we spoil the eyes by seing many kind of finery, such as necless, earing, ring, broche and other shapes. The price also reasonable for tourist. Some in luxurious one could be expensive, but we can also find the cheap one.

As my watch shows 3.15 pm , we have to finish our shopping on Sekar Bella. We don’t wanna miss our plan, seing the sunset at Senggigi Beach. It really made me corious. How does Senggigi beach look like..? That according people, this beach as one of a symbol of Lombok Island.

During our trip to Senggigi Beach, we stopped by at Batu Bolong Temple. It located along the way to Sengigi. Batu Bolong is a Temple with a hole stone stand in the end of the shore. The Temple position face Lombok Strait and Mount Agung in Bali.
People usually use this religious temple for doing religion ceremony. Hindu people who will do the ceremony enter the temple trough Bentar Temple which has a gate at the left and right side. At the left side of this temple we can see Pucaksari Melanting with the other supported building such as Palinggih Pasimbangan Gunung Agung, Pasimpangan Gunung Rinjani, Pasimpangan Ayu Mas Melanting and Bale Pawedan. The Beautiful shore around the temple make the view of the temple become more beautiful.

We will entering the stage and some pelanggih first before in to the Top of Batu Bolong Temple. From the the left side stage there are two pelanggih that is Pelanggih Bagus Balian and Pelanggih Pengayengan Ratu Gde Mas Mecaling On the left and right area we also can see some building called Bale that consist of Bale Pewaregan, Bale Pekemit, Bale Penggodal . And others building that near to the shore, Pelinggih Pangelukatan and Palinggih Pelawangan.

At the end we will meet the great stone with the vertical hole at the body. The swirl of the ocean wave could enter the hole and bring new sound make the temple become more religious. The beauty and peacefull place may find at the temple.

Near the Hole Stone, there is short stage to the top of a Karang. The place where Padmasana, Pelinggih Batara Ayu Mas Lingsir Batu Bolong, Pelinggih Batara Bagus Lingsir Batu Bolong and Pelinggih Batara Sakti Wawu Rauh . Some statues complete the religious view such as Subali, Sugriwa, Rama, Laksmana and Dragon Statue.
From this Temple we can see that The Hindu tradition that come from Bali still exist in Lombok Island. Hindu people believe that this place spread the spirit of religious, silence that make people feel about distance, time and spirit by the holly stuffs around the place.

Not far from the place, there is a holly person of Islamic Waktu Telu religion. The place become holly place for the people .
We can also taste the toasted corn with variety flavor . No need much money, but enough for refresh our tirring during the tour. Then no longer time we already arrived to Senggigi Beach and ready for welcome the Sunset.
Senggigi beach located at the North East of Mataram, at West Lombok Regency. Eventhough not as big as Kuta Beach in Bali, but we can find the originality of the shore circumstances. With beautiful sands and view and also the the landscape of Agung Mount at Bali Island.

People usually come to this beach for the sunset. Senggigi Beach offer the traditional mark of Lombok island trough the view and some souvenir selling. At 7 kms of Senggigi Highway located traditional market that sell many kind of souvenir. It called as Pasar Seni Senggigi or Art Market Senggigi.
If you like tattoo, you may made it at Senggigi. Many artist offer us for making a temporary tattoo. With the cheap price you can have beautiful tattoo in your bady with many design as we want.

Capture the sunset in Senggigi is the most thing I want to do since I arrive to Lombok. How almighty God with this creature made me so speechless. I was blessed that I got chance to visit this place. The rich place of beautiful beach and the friendly people that always welcome us even we are only domestic tourist.
I know one day will not be enough to explore Lombok. There are many place that still I want to know. Such as Surga Beach, Mount Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake and knowing far about Bau Nyale Festival. I wish I can visit this little heaven again. And capture more picture that I could share to my personal blog.

This could be unforgettable experience that money cant buy in my whole life. Time in my watch show 6.15 pm and it means we have to back to hotel and tomorrow will be back to Lampung. Good bye Lombok Island. I will be miss you so much. You already made me deeply trap at the fist sight. Hope i can visit you again another time...

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