Dewa19 , my fave Indonesian Band

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dewa19 , my fave Indonesian Band

I like almost all song that made by Dewa Band. Even it originally named as Dewa 19, but still I like some song that compossed by Ahmad Dhani. Even I know that Ari Lasso's charisma cant be substitud to other singer but Once already sing for Dewa. In this blog I try to write about the history of this band from all source I read about my favourite band. May it help you to know futhter about Dewa 19 become Dewa.

At the firtst time Dewa 19 shows up with the Hits Kangen, at the Album of Dewa 19. The album was release at 1992, at time I was in second year of Senior High School. I still didnt feel that I am interest to this band. Just think that I like some of the Song. But the more I listen to all song of this album, I feel that I love the song. The lyric so impressive and puitic. Lately, They wound BASF Award ass the Best New Commer. The origini formation of Dewa 19 I firstly know is : Ahmad Dhani, Ari Lasso, Andra RAmadhan, Wawan Juniarso and Erwin Prasetya.

In 1994 The Second Album Named Format Masa Depan was released. There is a personal changed from Wawan to Rere.It had single such as : Aku Milikmu and Tak Kan Ada Cinta Yang Lain, lately sing also with Reza Artamevia and Titi Dj.

The next Album in 1995 named Terbaik Terbaik, this band changed the drummer position again wiht Wong Aksan as the new one. This Album wound Anugerah Musik Indonesia as The Best Alternatif Song , The Best Song and The Best Ryhtim Album , The Best Group/Duo. The Hits are Kamulah Satu-satunya dan Kirana wound the Best Video Clipt at Video Musik Indonesia Award.

In 1998 this group got some problem with the vocalist Ari Lasso and Erwin because of the drug. This is become the worst matter of Dewa because the have to face some refusing to some concers because of the drugs habbit. In 1999, Dewa released the Best of Dewa 19 Album with Ari Lasso as the singer for the last time. He sang "Elang" a single of this album . This Album reach a success without any promotion. After released this album the personel of Dewa left Ahmad Dhani and Andra Ramadhan.

Finally after the long term vacume The Band released the new album named Bintang 5 with new performance with Once and Tyo Nugros and changed the name become Dewa, only without 19 behind the name. The Hits are Risalah Hati, Roman Picisan, Separuh Nafas, Cemburu and wound some awards still.

The Next album of Dewa in 2002 released as the name Cintailah Cinta with Erwin Prasetya back as a basist of this group. And still reach success and wound some awards. The hits "Arjuna" got problem with the original tittle "Arjuna Mencari Cinta" that according to an author the name is inspired from his writing. Then finnally Dewa change the tittle of the song become "Arjuna". But in July 2002 Erwin Prasetya pushed to leave the management and can not be back to this group. The position offer to Yuke Sampurna, the ex of The Groove basist former.

Untill now Dewa already released 9 album since the name was Dewa 19. They are : Dewa 19, Format Masa Depan, Terbaik-terbaik, Pandawa 5, Bintang 5, Cintailah Cinta, Laskar Cinta, Republik Cinta, and Kerajaan Cinta.

Now the personel become : Ahmad Dhani, Once, Andra Ramadhan, Yuke Sampurna, and Agung as drummer.

Actually, I prefer like this band was Dewa 19. Ari Lasso was a great singer of this band. And the age Ahmad Dhani could do magic trough his song so much better than now with Dewa. But I still can enjoy all the song.

This article I write especially to Baladewa and all of Dewa 19 nor Dewa fans. May this article could help you in searching the information of this band both.

Source :, wikipedia and other source that support this article.

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