The People Most Inspiring Me Much

Friday, May 21, 2010

The People Most Inspiring Me Much

This is the list of the people I know in this world that already inspiring my life very much. It influence my point of view, the way I think about something, accept the differencess and sometimes become the guidence to see some problems. Here comes the list ....

Dra. Hj. Sugiyah
She is my mother. Born in a small place in Jogjakarta, 20 June 1943. She is a tough woman and already prove it to her family, including me as her daughter. Eventhough she only works as an elementary school teacher, she knows better how to maintin her family and supporting her husband by her own way. I am proud being her daughter.

Nila Prasetyo Artiwi.
She was born in Teluk Betung, Lampung Province, 1 October 1975. My best friend since I was a university student at Technic Faculty University of Lampung. So talented and modest person, but behind her modest I found a great spirit that I didnt find at another person. Some bitter episode of her life didnt make her stuck in the sad situation. But more, how she has to pass it all the way. Her dedication to her family was not adoubtfull. She told me by how in 10 years she taking care a sick mother, until she passed away. Her story often inspiring my life, very much. Maybe it because very close in emotional bound. How I must keep strong in bad situation, and survive during the unespected hard time. We rarely meet, because she lives in Jakarta now wiht her little family, her husband and her son. She never know, that her best friend actually is her fans.

Eko Setyo Mahanani.
I meet him during my postgraduate study in Malang. He is my class mate. Just like Malangnesse call, I call her "Cak Eko". Knowing him, make me meet his family too. His wife and his children become my best friend too now. Born at malang 12th February 1974, works for Public Work Official of Malang Local Government. He is kind hearted person. He help almost most of the class by giving facility and another during the school. He never think his friend will give him back. My friendship between me , him and his family change to brotherhood. For me he and his wife is my older brother and older sister. In my difficult time during the school they always support me much and always give me direction whenever i need it. What I learn from him and his wife in ther modesty they try to serve other better or even the best. They are so helpfull and respect friendship that is more than everything in the life. They never know that I become inspiring by their love and care to me and other friends. That being useful person is so great, they got more than friendship, but like family as they never thought before. I love these guys, may Alloh always bless this family with many kindness and blessing.

Lydia Angelina Karema.
She is more than thatn just a friend for me. But like the nice sister that already sent by the God to me. She was born in Manado, 19th May 1973, a catholic people. At the first time I meet her I can see many great things lies on her. Mature, Briliant, kind hearted, understanding and helphul peple of course. We often spent time become a room mate. She never know that she was inspiring me in life because of her kind attitude. Very wise young lady under her age. There is minahasa, chinesse and holand blood in her body. Make a perfect kharisma lies on her. Often time speak Manado language even to me. That is why I know some vocabulary of that language during my study. I never meet the very understanding and kind hearthed chinesse woman like her before. From her i learn much about faithfull, belief, friendship, keept smiling to people arround , even sometimes they give us a bad words. Always being positive in every ways. That is what not every people have in their life, including me.I love you my sister. You never know, that I could come this far because I ever know you in my life. I learn much from you. May God always bless you in every step you make. I love you, Mbak Lydia...friendship forever..

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