My happiness : becoming a mother..! (part I)

Monday, January 25, 2010

My happiness : becoming a mother..! (part I)

No one in this world say that becoming a mother is an easy thing. A mother has to face new circumstances while she meet a new world as a mother in her life such as pregnancy, birthing, breast feeding. those words also the most thing words in her vocabulary that she cant never forget in time. For many mothers this words are blessing from the God. This write is all about the happiness I got while I got my babies.

The first time i found that blessing is on 21st April 2004, 1.20 am i gave birth my 3 kgs first child, a baby girl that lately I named her Nasywa Khorunnisa. I found the name from the internet and mix those 2 names. It is from Arabic language. Nasywa means the one who brings happiness , Khoirunnisa means the best female. I give her a nick name as Nisa.

What I expected from the name is she always bring so much happiness wherever she is and make people happy to know she is around. I really hope that the God I (Alloh SWT )will bless her for every goodness, happiness, and always being useful person to the world.

I also find many difficulties in taking care of new baby. I often find any miracle and also my worried in the same time. Always sleep over night while Nisa is just 0-3 mounths. She cried loudly and if she did that, sometimes i just wonder what happened with her cos i think she is feed enough milk. Lately i know, if she sleep in the wrong position or if she just feel sweety she will cry.

On the age of 9 mounths she start too eat some mild poridge or biscuit. Seem she likes if the taste is sweet but i know if thats forbiden for baby if eat much sweet things. At the same time se start having a teeth. It sign by the fewer to his body and want be better. At time i saw her, i found new teeth is grown up.

She start walking in 11 mounths. Firstly she like to hang on a chair, table or any streng things in front of her. At her first brithday she got a 3 wheel bycicle as birthday present. How happy she was while she have that. Every day she rode that bycicke and horn the bel. She liked the bel cos it will playing some music. And from that time she left her stroler as her ride. If I looked her seem I can feel her happines. The happiness of 1 year baby. But I told myself that No mother in this world will be happy without watching her babies happy.

Now she is grown up and already school at kindergarden. She starting learn to read now. Everytime I saw her smile I always feel happy. Always thankful to God that already send me my Nisa and her happiness even I know not every single time she could be so bright and cheerful. She often time disobey the rule i gave for her. Maybe my rule didnt make her happy.

But I learn much about this happiness. I never wonder no more while knowing that parents will present anything in this world just for the babies. If this world could be present for them they will do so.

Thank you God, for giving me this children. Help me to accompany them in time they are grown up and lately get married. Bless them by becoming a good child and always be useful person to anybody.

I love you Mbak Nisa...

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