First Year Being Blogger

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Year Being Blogger

It started last year, when I thought I really need a place  for spread out the things that I want, writing the idea, express the totally me. I never expect people want to pass by, never thought they will leave a note, a comment or an attention to what I wrote, but more things I just want to fill it with the idea that originally comes from my head.

And it is a year now, since this space of mine was created. Still there is no special things I wrote in the first year. But it is more than enough for me. At least I got what I really want since years.

I have a wish in the next time , I really want that what I wrote will inspire , add more knowledge and take many advantages as readers can from reading my blog. That is a little simple hope and expectation from me trough the simple way...


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