End Of Year Reflection

Saturday, January 1, 2011

End Of Year Reflection

Life is always not a simple things for anyone of us. But what of that? Because in our life, we no need people to make you feel inferior without your concern. Being a master to your own life, even it is not so simple as we say it trough our tounge.

In this life, I  learn how important we recognize ourself. That is become a starting point to explore what we like to do or we don't. We have to learn how to be our own best friends  , that is the correct words. Knowing ourself furhter , because if we dont,  we will fall too easily in to the trap of being our own worst enemies.

Self Confidence, we need as an inside power that most of powerful strength for us to keep alive against the difficulties. If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.

Love what we have. Even it is a dissability, unbeauty, and other things that make people frowned while discovered our lack. Properly unfitness provide a valuable lesson in our lives. That perfection only own by the creator of the world. But often times we did the contrary things. We never like stay in the border, own flecklessness, shortcoming,  poor or even ugly. We are really so human and controlled by our hormon that always feel hungry of glory, happiness, easiness. 

Sometimes, desire and strong longing have blinded our heart. Always feel hunger  for ambition. But if at the moment we want to follow it, it open our eyes if this is kind of never ending road. Like The Game , we will continue to rase chasing false dream.

I meet all above case in life.  I know I still can do much in this life, but at least knowing that reaching the upon stars need sacrifation in life. Following the proccess. And believe that every step we make create by the drops of our sweat and tears . What a wonderful life, God, Alloh SWT builds a way for every dreams that should be reached.

Be thankfull for every bless, difficulties, problems and the collour of our life. It is really not bad being a mother, a worker, a citizen in the same time. Just like the flow of the rivers, follow every scence that runs in the life. 

2010 is already left behind. Prepare ourselve for the resolution of the new year. Doing The Best at every moment that will be passed is a great expectation in my heart. Being better person each day is a simple little thing that need sincere intention.

Good bye 2010, and Welcome 2011. May Alloh SWT always bless me the easy way in reaching the dream that has not been able to achieved in past time. Hopefully...


  1. A nice reflection, Lita. Your writing touch every single part of human being's life. End of year, end of week and end of special times like terminal which Alloh gives us to evaluate what we have done, recharge our spirit to prepare the next step in our live and our afterlife. May Alloh bless us for everything. Amiin

  2. Thank you for always comming to my home. I feel what I see, I write what have became my intention. Thank you for all support and pray you sent me. And all I can do is reverting the prayer for you and your family, May Alloh SWT always bless you with iman and islam.