Me , The Victim of Hyperthyroid Desease

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me , The Victim of Hyperthyroid Desease

This time trough my blog I wanna share about one of my life experience. It's a story about me who got Hipertyroid desease.

The first time I was claimed by the doctor that hipertyroid attack my body about the end of July 2009. It started by several mouths by often times feel great tremor during my body and always feel so sweat.

This time I wanna share about what is Hiperthyroid excactly. All I know about this desease, that many Indonesian attack by Hipertyroid. MAy by reading this article you may keep yourself from the desease and keep your body healthy.

Hyperthyroidism is the term for overactive tissue within the thyroid gland causing an overproduction of thyroid hormones (thyroxine or "T4" and/or triiodothyronine or "T3"). Hyperthyroidism is thus a cause of thyrotoxicosis[1], the clinical condition of increased thyroid hormones in the blood. It is important to note that hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis are not synonymous. For instance, thyrotoxicosis could instead be caused by ingestion of exogenous thyroid hormone or inflammation of the thyroid gland, causing it to release its stores of thyroid hormones[2]. Thyroid hormone is important at a cellular level, affecting nearly every type of tissue in the body.

Thyroid hormone is a kind of chemical things that produced by Thyroid gland and release to the blood stream.This hormone interact to almost the whole cell in human body that caused the increase of the body metabolism. It also accelerate the body metabolism. Metabolism is a physic and chemical proccess that could create a substance the energy that need by the cell function, and body growth.

Thyroid hormone functions as a controller of the pace of all of the processes in the body. This pace is called metabolism. If there is too much thyroid hormone, every function of the body tends to speed up. It is not surprising then that some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are nervousness, irritability, increased perspiration, heart racing, hand tremors, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, thinning of your skin, fine brittle hair, and muscular weakness—especially in the upper arms and thighs. More frequent bowel movements may occur, but diarrhea is uncommon. Weight loss, sometimes significant, despite a good appetite may occur, vomiting, and, for women, menstrual flow may lighten and menstrual periods may occur less often.[3] Thyroid hormone is critical to normal function of cells. In excess, it both overstimulates metabolism and exacerbates the effect of the sympathetic nervous system, causing "speeding up" of various body systems and symptoms resembling an overdose of epinephrine (adrenaline). These include fast heart beat and symptoms of palpitations, nervous system tremor such as of the hands and anxiety symptoms, digestive system hypermotility (diarrhea), considerable weight loss and unusually low lipid panel (cholesterol) levels as indicated by a blood test.

Hyperthyroidism usually begins slowly. At first, the symptoms may be mistaken for simple nervousness due to stress. If one has been trying to lose weight by dieting, one may be pleased with weigh loss success until the hyperthyroidism, which has quickened the weight loss, causes other problems.

In Graves disease, which is the most common form or cause of hyperthyroidism, the eyes may look enlarged because the upper lids are elevated. Sometimes, one or both eyes may bulge. Some patients have swelling of the front of the neck from an enlarged thyroid gland (a goiter). Because hyperthyroidism, especially Graves’ disease, may run in families, examinations of the members of a family may reveal other individuals with thyroid problems.[3]

On the other hand, a lack of functioning thyroid tissue results in a symptomatic lack of thyroid hormone, termed hypothyroidism. Hyperthyroidism often eventually leads to hypothyroidism.


Trough Hiperthyroidism could shows by some tendency such as : hipertiroidisme,
- Fast heartbeat and usually shows abnormal heart rhythm then become cause
Palpitation ( theart beat very fast).
- Increasing blood pressure
- Victim always feel warm at the cool room.
- The skin tends to humid and produced excessive sweating
- Merge some tremor to the hands
- Patient always feel nervous, easy to be exhausted even not doing the hard
- Increasing of appetite but the weight tendent to decrease.
- Wakeful
- Frequent in bowel movement.
- Some changes to the eye, such as swelling around the eyes,
increasing the formation of tears, iritated and light-sensitive.

These symptoms will disappear soon after the release of thyroid hormones under control, except in Graves' disease eye disorder that causes specific eye desease.

Vital signs (such as : temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure) show increased heart rate. Systolic blood pressure can increase. Physical examination may reveal thyroid enlargement or goiter.

Further for assessing thyroid function we should do some examination :
- TSH serum (usually decreases)
- T3, T4 (usually increases).

In addition there are also a variety of tests used to diagnose hyperthyroidism example:
- thiroid hormone blood test
- X-ray scan – to detect tumors
- CAT scan - to detect tumors
- MRI scan - to detect tumors

So far , I already did some test such as : TSH Serum, T3, T4, and MRI scan. And the result shows that I suffered from Hiperthyroidism.


Hyperthyroidism can usually be treated with medication, another option is the provision of radioactive iodine. Firstly, I consume some medicine called PTU and proponolol. But this medication didnt shows some good changes. From my cousin, I was suggested to come to Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java Province. At the hospital I was given radioactive iodine drops. Another weeks after I was dropped the radioactive iodine, I no longer felt the symptom. But still I have to keep my body by not consume some foods such as: seafood, cabbage and brocoli. I also not use mentol drugs, such as menthol cough medicine,eucalyptus oil and balsam.

As every medication has own effect , you may choose wich one the best for you. If the medicine could not help you may try to another medication. But as my doctor said that I was not advisable to remove the thyroid gland, because we still need it as body resistance.

That is a little experience I have in my life. That the fact I am a victim of Hiperthyroidism. The doctor said that the possibility I got the desease is because of hereditary disease. And it supported by unhealthy eating patterns.

For you that have a record from family desease, you should protect your body by the food that I cant consume such as : brocoli, cabbage and seafood. May it help you away from Hiperthyroid.

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