I dont want to be Desperate Mom

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I dont want to be Desperate Mom

Spend time all day with my kids is all things make me happy. It become my inspiration to what I want to write right now.

How happy I am if untill the end of my time, I was blessed for being aroung with my kids. Seeing them raise, grown up , and for every important moment of their life. Till I close my eyes and leave this world forever. I wanna be the first people watching greatest moment in their life.

But, I know. What I expected to be happen not always what I've got in my hands. I dont know much about life. About how being loosing and having in my life. The line between having and loosing is so close. Sometimes it make me feel no different between those 2 things.

Maybe if I have to loose them or no longer arround them, I just wanna let them now right now. That I will never live far from them. Because I lie on their blood. I am the air anytime they are breathing. I am the wind that blowing their life. There are so many prayer of mine along with them. I wiil never keep distance even if I am far away for real.

I will no longer feel desperate of my life. Even for the bitterness comes to me. For many reason I know, I am exist for them, for keeping them in good place, for many reason in the name of their happiness. I should never be desperate for something that I do not understand.

I have to be strong and leave the desperation. For the painfull, for hurt, for the wound that was my best friend. Its only me. With weak hands and trying to reach my divided soul.

I dont want to be desperate mom. Even I know, there must be sorrow in life. But one things I know for sure, I have to live for them, I have to keep breathing for them, for any reason in the name of their happiness. That my time is running out still. Then doing much for them untill it will be end forever.

Inspiring by:
Our togetherness, Me, Nisa, & Syauqi

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