Letter for My Children

Monday, June 7, 2010

Letter for My Children

Dear My Children,

What I will write here is because I wanna let you know about how I feel about you.
About the love, carrying, devotion, and my great attention that I never told you before. For now, you are still kids. I believe while you are grown up, you can read this and understand how wonderful the love of a mother is.

I always be proud of you. There is some special feeling at the moment I have to told other people about you. About your progress, about your cheerfull, your funny statements or even your naughtiness that often made me worried. I am always excited while telling them about the detil of your life.

One day you will know, how big a mother's sacrifation for making her babies happy. She will offer her life for those happiness, I can guarantee that..

If only the wind can help me for whispering the message to your ear, it will tell you about my world that I always want to present it to you. That a half of my life is in yours. That my love for you doesnt care about seasons, time and distance. It is everywhere. It is the air you breathe. It is the blood that lies on your body.

My dear,
Be anything you want. Dont ever think I will never agree to the road you've already chosen . Be an expert to the that road. Do the best you can do. I never ask you for something that you can't. But love what you already decide for life. Because I never keep my distance with you, even if you ask me to. I always wanna be around, even only in your heart.

My life will never be enough without you. For many reason I am alive, it would not so bright as you give me shine. If I have 2 wings, I would fly to heaven, and spread the happy news about the way you are exist for me.

I know my hands could never write any beautiful words in this world without you fill my heart. Even for the sorrow things I have met. You always be the best for me. Exchanging the weakness become a great power.

I know I am not the perfect mother as you excpet me to be. But during the sound that rhyme my heart, it always beat about your name. You are my heart. You are the rhyme of my life. Who fill my soul with the most beautiful song ever.

Let me be the most unerase name from your heart. Let me be the one who write that name on your heart. I always listen to what you say. For your sorrow and happiness and if none will hear you, I will be the one who cares. These hands will never be function optimally without for touching your hair, letting you sleep down on my laluby as you always did it at time you were a baby.

My pray will never stop running from my mouth. For every detil moment that pass you bye. For every activities you make. For every place you be around. Only by praying I could present you the best thing in this world. For keeping you always for each unreachable place from me. That will make me so save. Lettng you grown up and being a mature person.

May God always give me time for wathcing the precious moment of your life. Starring at your face when you meet your happiness and the important time of your life. I wish..

Keeping pray child, always pray because God always listens to what we say. God never sleeps. And always give us the best time to approve our pray. May you always be a tough person, useful person, and brave to challange anything that possible come to your life. And prayer will make you so. Anad I will help you trough my pray for night and day I was sent .

May Allah SWT always listen to a mother's pray.

Lampung, 3rd June 2010


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